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Pro Control® 2.4" Color Touch Screen IR/RF (433 MHz) Remote

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Pro Control® 2.4" Color Touch Screen IR/RF (433 MHz) Remote

Item#: PC-Pro24r

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Important Notice: As of December 31st, 2014, SnapAV will no longer carry Pro Control® products. For more information, please see the FAQ tab.

Pro Control® 2.4" Color Touch Screen IR/RF (433 MHz) Remote
The PC-Pro24r combines a sleek design with smart control capabilities to provide a powerful, professional alternative to big-box retail remotes. Use it as a standalone IR remote in the living room, or pair it with the processor kit for one-way RF communication through cabinets or walls to control AV equipment, music, lighting, and more. Best of all, the wizard-based programming lets you configure the remote right from a single application, without having to juggle multiple pieces of software or finicky web-based tools.

Sleek, Smart Design
A dazzling 2.4” high-resolution LCD touch screen and backlit hard buttons take entertainment to new heights and provide intuitive operation even in darkened rooms. This sophisticated remote features 45 fully programmable hard buttons, plus a completely customizable graphical interface. It’s the ideal combination of style and simplicity, with a price tag that makes perfect sense.

From Simple to Sophisticated
Get basic systems up and running in a flash with Pro Control Studio’s intuitive, wizard-based programming. Need more customization for more advanced jobs? Dive deep to create custom icons, fonts and colors. Best of all, you don’t have to juggle multiple programs. Go from IR only to RF-based systems – even an iPhone® or iPad® – all from this single programming tool! Video Overview

Robust Database
With access to the industry’s most complete database, so you can spend less time “learning” remotes and more time selling/installing. Of course, if you need to add IR codes to the library you can do that too.

Pair with Charging Cradle
For total convenience and ease of use the PC-Pro24r (v2) runs on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, and it can be used with the corresponding charging cradle. Whenever it’s not in use, this charging cradle makes a great home for the remote, ensuring that it never runs out of battery – and even better – that you never have to dig between the cushions to find it.

Important Note: This charging cradle is only compatible with the PC-Pro24r (v2) remotes. The PC-Pro24r (v1) remotes do not have the appropriate contacts on the back.

Get More Control with the KIT-PC-Pro24r (includes ProLink24r processor)

  • Reliable one-way 433-MHz RF communication to blast through walls and cabinets
  • iOS Integration with ProPanel
  • Four IR outputs with routing
  • Ethernet programming
  • Two voltage-sensing inputs

  • Check out the KIT-PC-Pro24r

PC-PRO24R Includes:

Pro24.r Remote Control
  • (1) MicroUSB Charger (100-240v AC to 5v DC @1A)
  • (1) Quick Reference Guide
  • (1) Lithium Ion Battery Pack

RF Frequency 433 MHz
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Screen Size 2.4"
Screen Resolution 240 x 320
Micro-USB Charging Cable Included Yes
USB Programming Yes
Color Touchscreen Yes
Integrated Tilt Sensor Backlighting Yes
Number of Commands/Macros Allowed Unlimited*
Number of Devices that can be controlled Unlimited*
Number of Programmable Hard Buttons 45

* Storage is only limited by available memory



  1. Can you use the Pro24.r or Pro24.z without a processor?
    Yes, both remotes may be used as a stand alone device.
  2. How many IR emitters may be hardwired into a single port on a processor?
    Each port supports up to 4 IR emitters.
  3. Are Pro Control & RTI remotes and processors compatible?
    No. Although RTI and Pro Control use many of the same frequencies and technology, the two systems will not communicate with each other.
  4. Where is the date code on my remote’s battery?
    The date code is located on a yellow oval sticker in the format (week of year/year). Example (422011) would represent a manufacture date of the 42nd week of 2011.
  5. Can I use a single remote to control multiple processors?
    No, however you may add multiple remotes to a single processor.
  6. Could an iPad/iPhone be used as a primary system control device?
    While an iPad or iPhone is a great addition to any residential control system, we generally do not recommend their use as a standalone control device for a few reasons:
    • Ergonomics and ease of use: There are some fundamental limitations and disadvantages with a touchscreen only device; no tactile control for DVR transport functions, comfortable channel control, not to mention control by touch of frequently used functions in a dark room.
    • Startup time: The iPhone and iPad do not wake up from a sleep state to the control app, this requires several otherwise unnecessary steps to begin an action that are not present in a dedicated device.
    • Availability: In regards to an iPad, since its primary use is typically intended for tasks such as: book reader, email, web browsing gaming, movies, music, etc… it is unlikely that it will always stay in the room in which it is intended to be used as a control device. While an iPhone may be more readily available, its comfort and battery life can’t compare to that of a remote.
    • Profit: At the end of the day, the integrator is involved in a for profit business and they do not make (much) money by selling iPads and iPhones. They should focus their energy and business plan on custom products with professional grade solutions.
  7. What options do I have for learning an IR code that can’t be found in the included database?
    Either the Pro24.r or the Pro24.z can be used. They both have IR learning capability through the Pro Control Studio software.

Pro Control Studio

  1. How do I turn back on the Quick Start Assistant at the bottom of the Pro Control Studio software if I turned it off?
    Just go to the Help icon in the software. From the drop down list, choose "Quick Start Assistant".
  2. What are the system requirements for Pro Control Studio?
    OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) or higher
    Hardware: 256 MB of RAM, and 300 MB of free hard disk space.
    Please note: Pro Control Studio will not run on Windows 95/98/ME/2000.
  3. Do I need Internet access in order to program a Pro Control system?
    No. As long as you already have the Pro Control Studio software on your computer, you don't need Internet access to program a system. You do need Internet to purchase licenses for iOS devices.
  4. How do I find which version of Pro Control Studio I currently have?
    While in Pro Control Studio, click the “Help” button then select “About”. This will open a new window with the Version # displayed at the top.
  5. Do I have to follow the programming wizard and templates in Pro Control Studio?
    Use of the pre-defined templates and wizard is completely up to your discretion. Templates can help speed up the programming process by automatically assigning the more tedious hard button macros, while still allowing for complete customization of design. You may also choose to completely build your programming and design from scratch.
  6. Is it possible to recover programming from a processor or remote without the original program?
    At this time, no. As always, we strongly suggest that integrators back up the programming for every customer and keep it in a secure place if needed at a later date.


  1. Am I able to integrate Pro Control with Crestron or AMX via their 433 MHz RF gateway?
    No. The Pro Control protocol is specific to their products and is not compatible with other wireless technologies.


  1. What do I do if already have a Pro Control product spec’d on a job?
    We recommend purchasing all spec’d Pro Control products prior to December 31, 2014.
  2. Who do I contact for Tech Support on existing Pro Control remotes?
    Call us! Our award-winning Tech Support will continue to offer assistance and answer questions.
  3. What if I need to return a Pro Control product?
    Send it back! We will continue to support you.

We want to make our Affiliate program as easy as possible. That’s why we process all claims directly, without any third party telephone tag. Specific warranty terms and details from the manufacturer are below.

Limited Warranty
Pro Control warrants its products against all defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year (90 days for included battery packs), or for a period of time compliant with local laws when applicable, from the date of purchase from Pro Control or an authorized Pro Control dealer. This warranty may be enforced by the original purchaser and subsequent owners during the warranty period, so long as the original dated sales receipt or other proof of warranty coverage is presented when warranty service is required. Please refer to owner’s manual for further details.