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WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12-Outlet (8 Controlled) Power Conditioner with Faceplate Display Kit

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WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12-Outlet (8 Controlled) Power Conditioner with Faceplate Display Kit

Item#: KIT-WB-600-IPVCE-12

WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12-Outlet (8 Controlled) Power Conditioner with Faceplate Display Kit
This kit includes two individually sold products – the WB-IPVCE-12 IP+ Controllable Power Conditioner and the WB-600-FP Faceplate – that together offer the ultimate surge protection and power conditioning solution. IP control, sophisticated scheduling, and remote access auto rebooting plus instant notifications and customer management with OvrC all help to maximize control and minimize truck rolls. And, the modular design of the front-panel faceplate blows traditional single-chassis designs out of the water. This kit is easy for you to install and even easier for customers to use. Now that's a smart solution.

WattBox® is Now OvrC Enabled
OvrC is a remote management and monitoring service engineered by SnapAV that makes installs and service calls a breeze. This handy app includes a simple customer management tool so you can view WattBox® devices by customer, eliminating those stacks of papers and memos. Instant notifications let you know when a device needs attention, so you can solve problems before your customers even notice them. When it’s time for service, you can reboot and troubleshoot remotely and instantly from your mobile device, tablet, or computer – saving you time and money and keeping your customers happy. Plus, set up is easy – just plug and play then claim your WattBox with OvrC. Sound easy? It is. Don’t overwork – OvrC instead. Learn more about OvrC >>

Manuals and Support Documents

Quick Start Guide



  1. Can I set up my existing WattBox IP devices to use OvrC too?
    Yes. You can add your existing devices after applying an onsite firmware upgrade.

Installation & Setup

  1. Do I still need to do port forwarding or assign DDNS addresses for OvrC devices?
    Not in most cases. OvrC equipment communicates directly with our servers as long as there is a stable Internet connection. Advanced network setup like port forwarding or DDNS is no longer required unless you want to use some of the advanced settings through the WattBoxIP web interface (for example, setting a static IP address).
  2. Do I need to assign a static IP address to OvrC devices on my network?
    If you are using an IP control system driver to control outlets on your WattBox, yes. Otherwise, a static IP address is not required.
  3. When I try to add a device, it says the firmware isn't supported. What is wrong?
    Your WattBox was likely purchased prior to July 10, 2014 and is therefore running older firmware that is not supported on OvrC. Upgrade your WattBox to the latest firmware version WBX.4603 (or newer) and try adding it again.
  4. Where can I find the MAC address that OvrC asks for when I add a new device?
    The MAC address can be found on the small white sticker on the underside of the WattBox, or on the decal attached to the OvrC Quick Start Guide (in the WattBox packaging).


  1. How much does OvrC cost?
    OvrC is a free service. All it takes to start using it is about 5 minutes of learning and setup. For already-installed WattBoxes, a simple firmware update will enable use with OvrC.
  2. Can I invite coworkers to my company’s OvrC account?
    Yes. If you are the account owner, you can create an account and invite additional users to that account. All users on that account will be able to see all WattBoxes – great for on-call technicians. If you want certain OvrC devices to be accessible to certain users, you will need to create individual accounts (instead of inviting them from your account)
  3. Several folks in my company have signed up for separate accounts and can only see their individual customers’ WattBoxes. Can I merge those into a single company account?
    Yes. Please call us and we’ll get this taken care of for you!
  4. What about my customers? Is there a customer facing OvrC app?
    No. The OvrC service was built for dealers to more easily provide service to customers. For control of the WattBox at a user level, we recommend integrating a control system solution (and our prewritten drivers) that includes a customer-facing control panel or app.
  5. How do I get access to my OVRC account?
    We created a standalone app for iOS devices that can be downloaded from the app store. You can also access your account using any computer or mobile device with a capable web browser and Internet access. We will continue developing new ways to access and use your account over time.


5-Year Limited Warranty
This SnapAV® product has a 5-Year Limited Product Warranty and a 5-Year Network Connectivity Warranty. The 5-Year Limited Product Warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified, or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).

5-Year Replacement Policy
Valid only in the United States and Canada. If your SnapAV surge protector becomes damaged while protecting your connected equipment, you may request an equivalent replacement to the latest technology of that product category. Keep a copy of the original invoice to verify the date of purchase the by the original buyer.

Connected Equipment Guarantee Amount