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WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet (8 Controlled) Rack Mount Power Conditioner with Auto Reboot - Optional Faceplate

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WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet (8 Controlled) Rack Mount Power Conditioner with Auto Reboot - Optional Faceplate

Item#: WB-600-IPVCE-12

WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet (8 Controlled) Rack Mount Power Conditioner with Auto Reboot - Optional Faceplate
If you’re tired of rolling a truck every time you need to reset a cable box, modem, router or other network device, the WattBox® IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet Power Conditioner with Auto Reboot is the solution. It provides premium surge protection and noise filtration in a versatile rack-mount design, offers eight controllable outlets, and is smart enough to automatically reboot the device when network connectivity is lost. Add remote access, scheduling and email – and you can say goodbye to unnecessary service calls. Plus with OvrC enablement, you get remote access, real-time monitoring, and customer management all from your phone, computer, or tablet. It may sound “too good,” but it’s true. Learn more about OvrC >>


  • IP Enabled

    Auto Reboot, Remote Access, Scheduling, Email and IP Control
  • Optional Faceplate

    Optional Display with Auxiliary Outlets
  • Fireproof MOV

    Ceramic Encased Surge Components
  • Total Outlets

    4 Always On,
    8 Controlled
  • Filter Banks

    3 Isolated Noise Filters
  • Safe Voltage

    Protects Against Under and Over Voltage
  • Surge Protection

    Energy Dissipation
  • OvrC Enabled

    Cloud-based customer management service engineered by SnapAV

WattBox® is Now OvrC Enabled
OvrC is a remote management and monitoring service engineered by SnapAV that makes installs and service calls a breeze. This handy app includes a simple customer management tool so you can view WattBox® devices by customer, eliminating those stacks of papers and memos. Instant notifications let you know when a device needs attention, so you can solve problems before your customers even notice them. When it’s time for service, you can reboot and troubleshoot remotely and instantly from your mobile device, tablet, or computer – saving you time and money and keeping your customers happy. Plus, set up is easy – just plug and play then claim your WattBox with OvrC. Sound easy? It is. Don’t overwork – OvrC instead. Learn more about OvrC >>

Self-Healing Auto Reboot
There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting time and money to roll a truck to a customer’s site for a simple reset. That problem is solved with WattBox IP+. Thanks to its self-healing auto reboot, if a router, satellite receiver, or other device loses network connectivity, our smart detection technology will uncover the problem and automatically cycle the power. Plus, with OvrC you get real-time notifications when a WattBox IP+ loses its network connection or a device is rebooted. Watch the FAQ video on Auto Reboot

Remote Access + IP Control
For those times when a manual reset is required, WattBox IP+ enables you to cycle power from anywhere in the world. With OvrC, you can turn off a single outlet – or all controlled outlets – right from your phone or Tablet. Don’t have OvrC yet? You can still get remote access from your PC or Mac’s web browser (advanced setup required). And thanks to IP control, you can download popular control system drivers to get simple network-based device management at your fingertips. Visit the Support Tab for more information. See the interface >>

Sophisticated Programming & Scheduling
Advanced doesn’t even begin to cover it. With WattBox IP+, you can create custom events, like power sequencing for modems and routers, even automate commonly performed functions right through our OvrC web interface or directly in the WattBox IP+ Programming & Scheduling interface. Does the wireless access point act up over time? Automatically reboot it once a week to clear out any gremlins.

Notifications and Email Alerts
With OvrC, you get instant notifications of any events that occur – like auto reboots. If you’ve opted not to use OvrC, you can still stay informed by setting up customized email alerts. This feature makes it easy to spot failure patterns, or just stay on top of what’s happening with each system. With the ability to support multiple email addresses, alerts are sent wherever you need them to go.

Fast Setup
With OvrC, setup is nearly instantaneous. Just claim your WattBox with OvrC, name it, add attached devices, and you’re good to go. If not using OvrC or if static network settings are required, the supplied WattBox Utility program takes the guesswork out of initial setup. Once your WattBox IP devices are connected to the network, the Utility automatically detects them and provides a fast, intuitive way to configure IP addresses, launch the browser interface and perform firmware updates as new features are released.

Access Via Dynamic DNS
With OvrC, DDNS isn’t needed – you can easily manage all of your customers right from the app or OvrC.com website. But if you aren’t using OvrC or you do have a need for DDNS for a particular project, we have a free DDNS service built into each of our WattBox IP+ products. Instead of searching your records for cumbersome IP addresses, Dynamic DNS provides a permanent, easy-to-remember name that never changes – even if the customer’s home is assigned a new IP address by the service provider. Our free WattBox DNS service is fast and easy to set up, and it provides maximum uptime thanks to redundant USA-based servers located across the country. Popular third-party DNS servers are also supported. For more information, please visit the video support tab.

Installer Friendly

Rack Mount Versatility
Normal chassis-based power products put the outlets closer to the front of the rack, making them tough to reach and some cases impossible to use wall warts. That just didn't make sense - so our engineers designed a better way. WattBox's exclusive back-of-rack mounting puts those hard-to-reach outlets where you need them most. The included brackets let you mount it in any direction - straight on for traditional installation, up/down/angled for increased visibility when installed at the top or bottom of the rack, you can even recess it for easier cable management and to reduce depth.

Optional Faceplate w/ Display
With competitive chassis-based power products, the faceplate, controls and front outlets have to follow the rear outlets. With the optional WattBox faceplate, you can position the front display wherever you want, regardless of where you've placed the rear outlets. It provides easy access to utility outlets, input voltage and current readouts, USB charging and a convenient power button for system resets or a power-saving vacation mode. The faceplate and power conditioner connect using a short extension cord and RJ45 cable. NOTE: For surge protection of the faceplate and its utility outlets, you must connect it via the “DISPLAY LINK” ports on the back of the 600-series power conditioner.

Cabinet/Shelf Mounting
Whether you're installing into a rack, shelf, or cabinet, we have you covered! Simply turn the small bracket around backwards and the surge protector can easily mount in the back of a cabinet or on a wall. Turn the bracket facing down, apply the included feet, and you can quickly secure it to a shelf or the top of the cabinet.

Power Adapters Welcome
We've been there before - you get all the power cords just where you want them, only to forget about the "wall wart" for the IR block or the network switch or the... Then you have to undo something just to make it all fit - oh... and then the bulky "wart" covers up the outlet next to it! To solve this, we have spaced the outlets as far apart as possible and turned them 90-degrees so every outlet can be used. And since those bulky power supplies are prone to falling out, we even supply tie-down straps to keep them in place.

Less is More
Other manufacturers pad their chassis with lots of dead space in a failed attempt to get the outlets near the back of the rack. This adds cost, wastes space – and more important, really doesn’t solve the problem of outlet accessibility. The back-of-rack WattBox design gets the outlets where you need them and removes the unnecessary bulk to give you more room in the rack.

Sequenced Outlets
Powering up large systems all at once can cause an in-rush of current that could potentially trip the circuit breaker or disrupt other equipment. Also, in audio systems, you want the amplifiers to turn on after the preamps to prevent audible "pops" from connected speakers. With this sequencing feature you can individually control and sequence eight of the 12 outlets. You can even do timed sequencing – anywhere from one second to two minutes – through the product’s sophisticated programming schedule.

Protection & Conditioning

Safe Voltage
Ever noticed a light that dimmed for a few seconds during a storm? This low-voltage condition is typically caused by power grid issues - and it can have an adverse effect on your equipment. WattBox Safe Voltage will protect your gear by automatically disconnecting it during sustained under AND over voltage conditions. When the input voltage returns to a safe level, the equipment will be reconnected automatically.

Noise Filtration
Sensitive A/V equipment is negatively impacted by noisy appliances and other electronics that create interference on the AC line. All WattBox power conditioners feature noise filtration that cleans up this "dirty power" to deliver the purest A/V experience possible. By lowering the audio noise floor and reducing hum, you hear exactly what was intended. Video performance can see an improvement too - with reduced power-related artifacts on HD displays.

Isolated Filter Banks
Not only can noise come from incoming AC line itself, but it is also generated within the system by other components - especially digital devices with switching power supplies and rack fans. The WB-600-SVCE-12 features three independently isolated filter banks to eliminate cross contamination of noise between components. We recommend using one bank for digital source components such as BluRay players and cable/satellite boxes, another for high-current devices such as A/V receivers and amplifiers, and the third bank for sensitive high-speed, networking equipment, AppleTV and control systems.

Surge Protection
Surges can come from a variety of sources - from fluctuations at the power company to catastrophic events such as lightning. This excess energy can damage your connected equipment if not properly protected. The Joule rating is a measure of a surge protector's ability to "clamp" this excess energy down to a safe level - the higher the rating, the more protection your equipment has.

Fireproof MOVs
MOVs, or Metal Oxide Varistors, are surge protection components that dissipate excess energy in the form of heat. Under extreme conditions, lower quality MOVs can get so hot they catch on fire! WattBox power conditioners feature ceramic-encased MOVs to protect not only your system but your home as well.

AC Disconnect
As an added precaution, in the event of a catastrophic spike, a thermal fuse completely disconnects AC power from your system to stop the surge in its tracks before it can get to your connected equipment. All three "legs" of the power (hot, neutral and ground) will disconnect for unsurpassed equipment protection.

Coax, Telephone/Ethernet Protection
Not only can surges creep in on the power, but also telephone, coax and network connections. Dual inputs/outputs for RJ11 or RJ45 connections are provided, with full protection on all 8 pins for telephone and Ethernet applications. Today's sophisticated HD cable and satellite systems have higher bandwidth requirements than they did even a few years ago. Dual 3 GHz coax connections not only protect you against surge, but they deliver premium signal quality with less than 1 dB of attenuation. Pass-through voltage is supported for satellite systems.


Always On Outlets
Use the always on outlets for DVRs, network switches and control systems to ensure that critical devices are ready when you need them. A green LED illuminates to indicate power is being supplied to each outlet. NOTE: These outlets will only be turned off when Safe Voltage is protecting from a sustained under/over voltage condition.

Flexible Power Cable
Bulky power cables can cause all sorts of frustration when installing in a cabinet or rack. This WattBox 600-series power conditioner includes a 6 ft, detachable IEC cord that is super-flexible for easy wire management. The connector is gold plated to resist corrosion and minimize loss. There's also a locking clip to prevent accidental removal. For custom lengths, replacement cords are available from 6 inches long up to 15 feet.

Cord Labels
Pick a card, any card. Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game when you're servicing equipment and trying to figure out which outlet goes to what piece of gear. To prevent this, apply the supplied labels to each cord and know exactly what's what.

Ground Lug
Improper system grounding can lead to audio hum, video scan bars and all sorts of other nasty artifacts. This power conditioner provides a common grounding point for system components using ground leads, such as cable/satellite splitters.


AC Power
Line Voltage 120V, 60Hz
AC Input Connection IEC C-14
Power Cord Length 6 Feet
Circuit Breaker Rating 15A
UL Current Rating 12A
Voltage Protection Rating (UL 1449 3rd Edition) 500V
Joule Rating 6480 Joules
Surge Component Ceramic Encased MOV
Protection Modes L-N, L-G, N-G
Peak Impulse Current 396,000A
Disconnect Circuitry Yes
Thermal Fuse Yes
Safe Voltage Disconnect
Over Voltage 138 VAC + 5 VAC
Under Voltage 88 VAC + 5 VAC
EMI / RFI Noise Filtration
Filter Banks 1 & 2 53 dB, 1kHz to 1mHz
Filter Bank 3 (High Current) 80 dB, 1kHz to 2mHz
Phone / LAN Circuit
Jacks RJ45
Accepts RJ11 & RJ45
Surge Component Sidactor & MOV
Clamping Voltage RJ11:400V; RJ45:250V
Wires Protected 8 Wires
Display Link Outputs
Display Communication RJ45
Display Power NEMA 5-15
Cable / Satellite Circuit
Connections Gold Plated "F" Connector
Surge Component Gas Tube
Clamping Voltage 600V
Frequency Range 0MHz - 3.0 GHz
Insertion Loss < 0.5 dB
Shielded Yes
Bi-directional Yes
Type NEMA 5-15
Numer of Outlets 12
Always On 4 Outlets (Bank 1)
IP Controlled 8 Outlets (Bank 2 and 3)
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 40°C or 14°F to 104°F
UL Certifications
UL 60950-1, UL 1449, UL 498, UL 497A/B, UL 1283
Width: 17.02” Height: 3.47” Depth: 3.47”

Manuals and Support Documents

Product Manual
OvrC Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
Cut Sheet
(Cut Sheet with MSRP) >>
Compare WattBox™ Products
Web Interface User Guide
WB IP+ Client Tracking Template
IP Network Map Worksheet
IP Network Map Worksheet

Software Applications WB-IP_SoftwareUtility - v4.55 Released 11/13/12

Software Updates WB-IP Firmware Update -v.WBX.4721 – Released 9/9/14
WB-IP Firmware Release Notes
Firmware Update Instructions

Note: OvrC Users: Upgrade your WattBox® IP+ Products purchased prior to July 10, 2014 to firmware version WBX.4721 so they can be added to your OvrC account.

Router Setup Documents
2Wire Router Setup
Actiontec Router Setup
Asus Router Setup
Belkin Router Setup
D-Link Router Setup
Linksys Router Setup
Netgear Router Setup
Netopia Router Setup
Speedstream Router Setup
Trendnet Router Setup

Control Protocols and Drivers Crestron Drivers
Crestron IP Driver - Released 7/25/13
Crestron Driver Usage Guide (HelpFile)

Control4 Drivers
Note: Control4 Certified IP Drivers and instructions for IP control can be found in the Composer software.

Note: ProControl Certified IP Drivers and instructions for IP control can be found in the ProControl Studio software.

Note: Savant Certified IP Drivers and instructions for IP control can be found on the Savant Dealer Site.

RTI Drivers
Note: RTI Certified IP Drivers and instructions for IP control can be found on RTI’s Dealer site.

ihiji Drivers
Note: ihiji Certified IP Drivers and instructions for IP control can be found on ihiji’s Dealer site.

URC Drivers
Note: URC Certified IP Drivers and instructions for IP control can be found in the Complete Control, CCGen2, or Total Control software.



  1. Can I set up my existing WattBox IP devices to use OvrC too?
    Yes. You can add your existing devices after applying an onsite firmware upgrade.

Installation & Setup

  1. Do I still need to do port forwarding or assign DDNS addresses for OvrC devices?
    Not in most cases. OvrC equipment communicates directly with our servers as long as there is a stable Internet connection. Advanced network setup like port forwarding or DDNS is no longer required unless you want to use some of the advanced settings through the WattBoxIP web interface (for example, setting a static IP address).
  2. Do I need to assign a static IP address to OvrC devices on my network?
    If you are using an IP control system driver to control outlets on your WattBox, yes. Otherwise, a static IP address is not required.
  3. When I try to add a device, it says the firmware isn't supported. What is wrong?
    Your WattBox was likely purchased prior to July 10, 2014 and is therefore running older firmware that is not supported on OvrC. Upgrade your WattBox to the latest firmware version WBX.4603 (or newer) and try adding it again.
  4. Where can I find the MAC address that OvrC asks for when I add a new device?
    The MAC address can be found on the small white sticker on the underside of the WattBox, or on the decal attached to the OvrC Quick Start Guide (in the WattBox packaging).


  1. How much does OvrC cost?
    OvrC is a free service. All it takes to start using it is about 5 minutes of learning and setup. For already-installed WattBoxes, a simple firmware update will enable use with OvrC.
  2. Can I invite coworkers to my company’s OvrC account?
    Yes. If you are the account owner, you can create an account and invite additional users to that account. All users on that account will be able to see all WattBoxes – great for on-call technicians. If you want certain OvrC devices to be accessible to certain users, you will need to create individual accounts (instead of inviting them from your account)
  3. Several folks in my company have signed up for separate accounts and can only see their individual customers’ WattBoxes. Can I merge those into a single company account?
    Yes. Please call us and we’ll get this taken care of for you!
  4. What about my customers? Is there a customer facing OvrC app?
    No. The OvrC service was built for dealers to more easily provide service to customers. For control of the WattBox at a user level, we recommend integrating a control system solution (and our prewritten drivers) that includes a customer-facing control panel or app.
  5. How do I get access to my OVRC account?
    We created a standalone app for iOS devices that can be downloaded from the app store. You can also access your account using any computer or mobile device with a capable web browser and Internet access. We will continue developing new ways to access and use your account over time.


5-Year Limited Warranty
This SnapAV® product has a 5-Year Limited Product Warranty and a 5-Year Network Connectivity Warranty. The 5-Year Limited Product Warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified, or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).

5-Year Replacement Policy
Valid only in the United States and Canada. If your SnapAV surge protector becomes damaged while protecting your connected equipment, you may request an equivalent replacement to the latest technology of that product category. Keep a copy of the original invoice to verify the date of purchase the by the original buyer.

Connected Equipment Guarantee Amount