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Wirepath™ Surveillance 300-Series 16 Channel DVR

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Wirepath™ Surveillance 300-Series 16 Channel DVR

Item#: WPS-300-DVR-16CH

Wirepath™ Surveillance 300-Series 16 Channel DVR

The WPS-300-DVR-16CH is a professional-grade DVR that features advanced compression technologies and offers native live streaming to Control4 user interfaces. This means that unlike the competition, there are no expensive 3rd party video encoders required. And the goodies don't stop there. Top-shelf features like RS-232 and IP control for system integration, an HDMI output, DVD sled for archiving, RS-232 for control system integration, included rack mounting hardware and buffered loop outputs, making this the perfect solution for estate monitoring or commercial surveillance.

Key Features

16 Channels with Video Loop Outs

Latest Compression Technologies
D1, Half-D1, CIF

iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, Smartphone & Windows Access

2U Rack Mount Ears Included

DVD ReWritable

Total System FPS, up to 30FPS per Channel

1TB HD-Included

MJPEG – Live Video Streaming to Home Automation Systems

IP Control

RS-232 Control


General Features

Live Streaming to Control Systems

With support for the most popular third party control systems, Wirepath DVRs are the world's first to stream video directly to control system user interfaces and applications – including touchscreens, PC and mobile apps. This eliminates 3rd party encoders, which can save you thousands.

Superior Compression Technologies

Commercial customers monitoring cash registers may want higher quality with an archive of only a couple days, while a residential customer may want to monitor a vacation home with normal resolution – BUT with an extended recording time of a couple weeks. These different applications call for different recording resolutions and frame rates to maximize the system's performance and meet the needs of the customer. This DVR combines the latest H.264 compression algorithm with D1, Half-D1, and CIF resolutions and customizable frame rate settings - all to deliver the highest quality images while reducing network bandwidth and storage requirements.


Some other guys want to charge you for the privilege of accessing your DVR remotely. Isn't that the whole point? At Wirepath™, we've taken a different approach. Use your computer, or FREE iPhone®, native iPad®, Mac®, Android, and Smartphone Apps to view cameras while at the office or on the go. Here are the details:

Live View: See who's doing what in real-time on any camera connected to the DVR. Both full screen and matrix views are supported.

Playback: Want to see what time Junior came home? Just search for the appropriate time and playback at up to 64X speed!

Setup: Need to make changes to the DVR remotely? Use the Windows-based user interface to adjust system settings from anywhere in the world.

Dual Stream: Compensate for low bandwidth networks on-the-fly by choosing the extra stream for faster performance at slightly reduced resolution. More info>>

*Motion Detection setup currently only available on PC
*iPad® App is native
**Windows Support: Internet Explorer 32bit only.

Easy Software Installation

Windows PC Users:

If you've been frustrated by the complexity of DVR software installation - we've just made things a whole lot easier. We took the time to become a verified publisher through Microsoft, which means that Internet Explorer will install the necessary components without you having to dig into complicated ActiveX permissions and possibly leaving the customer's computer open to viruses. What's more, the playback software needed to view backup files is installed at the same time. No EXE download hassles or Administrator headaches for the customer - just click and watch!

Apple Mac Users:

We also have a Mac app for setup, playback and live streaming on your Apple computer. Note: Users must be running Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7) or higher. The user interface is designed to make setup and control intuitively easy. All of the commonly used controls are front-and-center, while the setup screens are just out of reach enough to eliminate any unnecessary service calls. The software is available on the support tab of this page and on the Wirepath Surveillance website. You can learn more about the Mac app on our Mac app overview page.

Hexaplex Operation

Whether at home, on the job or sitting at the airport, the WPS-300-DVR-16CH enables you to simultaneously perform six system operations all at once:

    1. Recording
    2. Live Viewing
    3. Playback
    4. Streaming to Control Systems
    5. Backup/Archive
    6. Remote Access

Triple Stream Optimization

The multi-streaming capability on this DVR is similar to what you may have experienced with your music. In the music analogy, sometimes you want to keep a high resolution version (CD) with the convenience of a compressed version (MP3) saved to a portable device. This DVR offers a similar benefit, allowing you to record locally to the hard drive at the highest quality, while simultaneously streaming a lower-resolution version via the internet. This gives you impeccable archived video with improved speed and reduced bandwidth when accessing the system using mobile devices. In addition to these two streams, the DVR also provides an independent stream for control systems.

Motion Detection & Privacy Masking

By defining areas of interest – like a door, driveway or window – you can define when the DVR should start recording video. Instead of recording 24/7, the DVR only records when there is motion. This not only conserves space, but also means you can record for more days before older recordings are overwritten. Privacy masking blocks out sensitive or privileged areas by placing rectangular blocks or "masks" over installer-defined areas. For easier setup, both of these features may be configured using Internet Explorer.

Important Note:For setup of Motion Detection and Privacy Mask using Internet Explorer, your DVR software must be 7.77.53 or later. You can find the updated software and instructions in the Support tab.

Dynamic DNS Support

Which would you rather remember... "" or "snap.wirepathdns.com"? That's just one of the benefits Dynamic DNS offers:

  1. Easy capturing of the home or business's IP address
  2. When that address changes (and they do!), automatic syncing with a central server
  3. Easy-to-remember web address that always points to the home or business

Our free WirepathDNS service is fast to set up right through the DVR – no PC required – and it provides maximum uptime thanks to redundant USA-based servers located across the country. Popular third-party DNS servers are also supported.

Important Note:If you want to use Wirepath DDNS the DVR software needs to be 7.75.53 or later. You can find the updated software and instructions on the Support tab on this page.

Email Notifications

Sure, you could hover over your DVR watching cameras all day to see if something was amiss - but wouldn't it just be easier to get an email with an attached screenshot? With event-based alerts, you can create custom notifications for motion detection, alarm triggers or system diagnostics such as a hard drive failure.

Playback Features

Intuitive Searching

It's never been easier to find exactly the clip you're looking for. Through the DVR's on-screen display, web interface or iPhone app you can quickly search by time, motion detection, video loss or external alarm trigger.

Smart Search

Those darn kids took the yard gnome (again)! You know it was sometime this week but you're not sure when. With our Smart Search feature you can specify a certain camera region to look for motion, then quickly search for just those clips. Quick, easy, efficient. Now to find those meddling kids...

Multi-View Capable

Many competitive DVR products use one program for single DVR viewing, then a totally different software package for managing multiple DVRs (typically called CMS). To us, that seemed like a lot of headache. That's why we put all that right in one place for a consistent - and seamless - user experience. Check in on multiple retail stores, restaurants or residences directly from the same screen!

Synchronized All-Channel Playback

When you're searching for a video clip, you could hunt and peck by going camera to camera (yawn) or take the easy way and view all of them at the same time! While you're at it, use the adjustable FWD and REV playback (up to 64X) to quickly find what you're looking for.

Bi-Directional Audio

Sometimes listening just isn't enough. Sometimes you need to talk to the person on the other end. Audio inputs to the DVR enable you to do this right through Internet Explorer! Think of the uses: gated entrances, elevators, assisted living, saferooms - there are a number of applications where you want the person on the other end to know you're listening.

System Features

Watermark Digital Security

Optional digital watermarking is available to ensure video integrity and protect against tampering. If a downloaded clip has been altered, the Windows-based playback software will alert the user with a message when the file is opened.

Multiple Video Outputs (HDMI, VGA, BNC (Composite) and S-Video)

Let's face it, different jobs call for different types of video signals. And then again, some call for all of them! Whether you need our highest quality HDMI output for multi-room distribution, or a local VGA display or TV – this DVR has you covered.

Multiple Archive Options

Picture this scenario – you've just been robbed and the police are on-scene to investigate. Do you really want to fumble with a computer to download videos from a DVR? Wouldn't it be easier to find the content on the DVR, record directly to a DVD disc or USB thumb drive, then hand it over to the authorities? Now you can! You can also manually backup your recordings to a remote Windows Computer or FTP server,

Call Monitor

Many commercial and retail installs require a dedicated feed for security or receptionist monitoring. An independent call monitor output gives the ability to create customized views specifically for this output. To prevent system access and tampering, the setup menu is disabled through this output.

Video Loop Outputs

You know those "Smile, you're on camera!" signs you see in stores? A video loop output from the DVR is perfect for forwarding along a single camera's video signal. This is also idea for whole-house video distribution systems where the cameras will be displayed on TVs or touchpanels.

Flexible Recording Triggers

The system can start recording based on motion detection or predefined schedules (after business hours for example). There are also external trigger inputs to record when alerts are received from security and fire/safety systems or dedicated sensors. Plus, video loss on one camera can begin recording on other cameras to ensure nothing was missed.

Expandable Storage Options

In some applications, like in a retail environment or vacation home, you may find you want additional storage to extend the number of days' recorded video. The easiest way to add storage is to simply plug in any ESATA drive to the connection on the rear panel. There is also a free internal drive bay with included cables for system expansion. Watch the video or download the "how-to" from the support section here.

RS-232 & IP Control

For the control freak in all of us! Adjust window and split screen view, control playback and more right from a 3rd party control system's touchpanel. A complete list of discrete commands and control system drivers can be found on the support tab.

Click here for an IP Integration Introduction

RS485 Camera Control

Once you've made local lens adjustments to the cameras, lose the ladder and tweak in comfort from the DVR location! When combined with our Wirepath™ 500 and 700-series cameras, the RS485 connection provides control over detailed camera OSD options like Sense-Up and Super-WDR directly from the DVR. Of course, this same connection can be used to control PTZ cameras on 3rd party cameras with this feature.

Rack Mountable

Rack ears are included for easy installation. Simply attach them to the side panels and remove the feet for a clean 2U installation.

O.S. Embedded Linux 2.6
Multi Operation Hexaplex
Triple Stream Yes
Input 16
Video Loop Outs 16
Main monitor HDMI / VGA / BNC / S-video
Main Aux In/Out Yes
Call Monitor Yes
Call Aux In/Out Yes
Detection Motion, Video loss
Input / Output 4 in, 2 out
Compression H.264 Video, ADPCM Audio
Max Record Resolution Full D1 all channels
Frame rate (FPS) & Resolution NTSC – 120 / 720*480 D1, 240 / 720*240 Half D1, 480 / 360*240 CIF
Watermark Yes
Mode Manual / Schedule / Alarm / Motion
Pre-record 0 - 10 seconds
Post-record 0 - 60 minutes
Resolution NTSC – 720*480, PAL – 720*576
Frame rate Up to 30 FPS per channel
Digital Zoom X2, X4
Frame rate (IPS) & Resolution NTSC – 120 / 720*480, 240 / 720*240, 480 / 360*240
Search Smart search, Date/time, Camera, Alarm, Motion, & Video Loss
SATA HDD Total of 4 SATA connections and 4 bays – 1 bay/1 SATA used for HDD, 1 bay/1 SATA used for DVDRW (brackets and cover plate included to remove DVD and replace with HDD), 1 SATA used for ESATA connection, 4th SATA cable and open bay available for additional HDD.
Included HD 1TB SATA
E-SATA connection 1
USB Ports 2
Internal DVDRW Yes
Input / Output 16 / 2
Ethernet 1 RJ-45 10/100Mbps
Web Internet Explorer 32bit
OS Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
E-mail / FTP Yes
Two-way Audio Yes
Remote users 8
Remote stations Windows, iPhone, iPad native, Android, Smartphone, etc
IR IR sensor on front
RS-485 (PTZ) Yes
RS-232 Yes
IP Control Yes *Control System Dependent. See Support tab.
Local I/R remote, USB mouse, RS-485 keyboard
Remote Internet Explorer 32bit
Multi-lingual Yes
Weights & Measures
Dimension Width: 16.9" Height: 3.74"(3.43" without feet) Depth: 12.9"
Rack space 2U
Weight 11 lbs
External Power Supply 12VDC 8.33A
Operating Voltage 100-240VAC 2.5A 50-60Hz
Consumption 80W Max.(with 4 HDDs)
Operating Temperature 32 - 113 F
Ratings / Certifications UL CE FCC TUV ICC CCC RoHS SGS etc.
Dimensions Width: 5.39" Height: 1.33" Depth: 2.33" (power supply only)
Accessories USB mouse, 12VDC power transformer with IEC power cord, remote control, rack ears, hard drive brackets, blank DVD front panel, dust filter
Warranty 3 years

Important Notice: An exploit to NTP Servers has been identified that enables the use of NTP servers for Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks over the Internet. All Wirepath analog DVRs are equipped with a local NTP server and may be affected by this issue.The security of the DVR itself is not impacted, only network speed and stability. Learn more: NTP Server Important Note

Manuals and Support Documents

Router Setup Documents
2Wire Router Setup
Actiontec Router Setup
Apple® Router Setup
Asus Router Setup
Belkin Router Setup
D-Link Router Setup
Linksys Router Setup
Netgear Router Setup
Netopia Router Setup
Speedstream Router Setup
Trendnet Router Setup
Software Applications
WPS-DVR Mac Application
-v1.04(B2) Released 12/23/2014

Note: The contents of this archive (DMG) file is intended for use on Mac computers and should NOT be opened on a PC. Transfer the file to a Mac and follow the steps for installation in the Release Notes document.
Mac Application Release Notes

H.264 to AVI file Converter
To play backup videos from the PC that created them from the DVR, simply double-click the H.264 file. If you’d like to share the video with someone else, use the following utility to convert from H.264 to AVI format, which is compatible with most PC and Mac media players.
H.264 to AVI file converter
Software Updates
WPS-DVR Firmware Update -
v7.93.53 Released 10/15/14

Remove WPS IE Plugin (zip)
Firmware Release Notes
Software Upgrade Instructions

Control Protocols and Drivers
Protocols Documents
IR Remote HEX Protocol
RS232 Control Protocol

Crestron Drivers
WPS-DVR Crestron Driver Supported Panels
Crestron Driver Usage Guide (HelpFile)
Crestron RS232-IP Drivers

Control4 Drivers
Control4 Driver Setup
Note: Control4 Certified IP/RS232 Drivers
can be found in the Composer software.

Control4 IP Video Driver
Control4 IR Remote Driver
(The IRF-1 is recommended with this driver)

Elan g! Drivers
Certified IP Streaming driver profiles are included in ELAN g! v6.4, and above. Visit the ELAN dealer site to download the latest version of ELAN g! software.
Elan g! RS232 Control Driver

Generic Drivers
CCF IR Remote Codes

ProControl Driver – Released 3/21/13
Note: ProControl Certified for IR/IP control can be found within the ProControl Studio software.

RTI Drivers
Note: RTI Certified IR/IP Drivers and instructions for Live Video Streaming can be found on RTI’s Dealer site.

Savant Drivers
Note: Savant Certified IP Control and Streaming driver profiles can be found on the Savant Dealer Site.

URC Drivers
URC IR Remote Codes

Looking for the Field of View and Voltage Drop Calculators? They've been moved to a central location. Check them out >>

Support Videos

Adding Storage Space to Wirepath™ Surveillance DVRs

Multiple DVRs and Cameras



  1. I cant hear my audio through the IE interface. Why?
    Make sure that the camera has the correct audio channel assigned to it and that you have selected 'Audio Out' on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Can I listen to audio thru my phone app?
    Yes, you can listen to audio from up to 4 cameras with the optional microphones installed and configured correctly. See the DVR Owner's manual in the support tab for more information.
  3. Is two way audio possible through the phone apps?
    You are not able to broadcast audio back through the system.

Control Programming

  1. I can't control my DVR with the remote. What do I do?
    Make sure that a user account on the DVR is logged in. If you are using a control system, set the Local guest level to "Operator".


  1. WPS DNS address doesn’t populate after upload
    Verify the DNS is the same as the gateway, or try "" or "".
  2. Wirepath DNS doesn’t show up after firmware update
    Run the plugin removal tool. If the machine runs a 64 bit operating system, it may be necessary to remove the plugins manually. Contact SnapAV tech Support for a list of locations and files that must be deleted.

Firmware Updates

  1. What happens if I update my IE plugin and the customer's DVR is running old firmware?
    It is strongly recommended to update any DVRs to the newest firmware version when you update the plugin. The new plugin will interact with the older firmware to provide the same features as before, but some features provided by the new plugin (ie. Easy Schedule, Schedule per camera, etc) will not work because the old firmware simply does not support it. If these features are needed, update the firmware on the DVRs.
  2. What happens if I update a DVR's firmware but not the IE plugin?
    The older IE plugin will interact with the DVR correctly, but no features added with the new firmware in the DVR will appear (ie. Easy Schedule, Schedule per camera, etc). If these features are needed, run the “Remove IE Plugin” tool, located in the DVR support section, on all PCs that were using the old plugin. Then, connect to the DVR running the newer firmware again and you will be prompted to install the new plugin.

Installation & Setup

  1. How do I set a camera up at the installation site versus connecting it at the DVR?
    With the WPS-CCTV-TESTER you can connect a camera at the actual installation location for set up and calibration.
  2. Can I turn the alarm function off on select cameras?
    Yes. That is done in the set up menu and individual alarms can be disabled.
  3. Is there a way to set up the DVR initially without a monitor or PC?
    Yes, with the WPS-CCTV-TESTER you can connect a DVR directly for initial set up. Do not plan on using a network computer to do initial setup. You must be able to view the output of the DVR for initial setup to be guaranteed successful.
  4. Can you change the default password of the DVR?
    Yes, it can be changed through the DVR menu, and in the IE Explorer interface. The password must be numeric.
  5. Is it okay to just pull the power on the DVR to shut it down?
    You can pull the power, but it is not recommended to be done on a continuous basis. Follow the proper shutdown procedure to ensure product life.
  6. I am looping cameras from one DVR to another and the picture dims when the secondary DVR(s) is connected.
    When looping cameras through the 9 and 16 channel DVRs, the end of loop termination switches must be turned off. These are the blue dip switches located just below the camera loop out ports on the rear of the DVR. If a DVR has a camera INPUT and a camera OUTPUT, the switch for that channel must be off. The corresponding switch on the last DVR connected to that channel must be ON to terminate the run with 75ohms.
  7. My camera feeds look super bright and washed out on my 9 or 16 channel DVR
    Make sure the termination dip switches are turned on for these channels if they are not being looped out to another DVR.

IT, Networking & Port Forwarding

  1. The ports on the router are forwarded properly but still are showing as closed.
    Verify that there is not a modem/router combo between the router and the connection for the ISP that needs to have ports forwarded on as well. Some modems issues by providers have built-in router features that can sometimes be disabled. Check with the ISP or modem manufacturer for more information.
  2. I can't access the DVR remotely. Do any changes need to be made to the network router?
    Typically, three ports (67,68 and 80) need to be forwarded to allow remote access to the DVR via Internet Explorer or on a cellular phone app.
  3. Why does the IP address of the DVR keep changing?
    After obtaining the initial IP address of the DVR, the IP address should be changed to static, or the DHCP address should be reserved in the router, if the feature is available.
  4. When setting up multiple DVR’s in the same house, do you need to forward different ports on the router for each DVR?
    Yes, otherwise you will only be able to access one DVR. Make sure the ports are changed in the DVR’s and forwarded correctly in the router.

No Video

  1. Is it possible to stop the DVR from beeping when video loss is detected?
    Yes, it is done in the camera menu tab under video loss or in the pre-camera tab by de-selecting the cameras that are not being used if applicable. Under camera tab just de-select the buzzer option.

Playback & Recording

  1. What is the maximum record time of your DVRs?
    The maximum record time is determined by several factors, including the size of the hard drive, number of cameras and the resolution at which the DVR is recording. We have an automated calculator on our website to help you determine the maximum record time of your DVR .
  2. Is it possible to expand the record capabilities of the DVRs?
    All of our DVRs provide hard drive expansion, depending on the model up to 3 additional hard drives may be added.
  3. Can I designate a specific area of the image to detect motion?
    Our DVRs have a Smart search feature that allows you to search in a specific spot in the image for motion.
  4. How do I view recorded footage?
    From the main screen of the DVR (camera view) slide the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and select the magnifying glass icon from the “pop-up” toolbar. From there you can choose which type of search you’d like to perform.
  5. What does the hard drive percentage actually reflect?
    The hard drive percentage shows how much of the drive is full since the last time it started overwriting old footage.

PTZ & RS485

  1. Does your Control 4 driver provide pan/tilt and zoom functionality through a Control 4 interface?
    Currently we only support PTZ control through our Internet Explorer interface, iPhone, iPad and Android apps.
  2. How do you make PTZ work with your analog cameras and DVR’s?
    While our analog surveillance cameras are not PTZ type, you can access the On Screen Display via RS-485 on 500 and 700 series models. True PTZ cameras from 3rd party manufacturers can be controlled as long as they use the PELCO-D RS485 protocol. Make sure to do the following: set the camera to a unique PTZ ID, set the same ID in the DVR for that channel, and set the Baud rate to the same frequency in all devices using the RS485 connection, including the DVR.

Remote Viewing

  1. Why can’t I see my camera view when I log into my Wirepath ™ Surveillance DVR since I upgraded my computer to Microsoft Internet Explorer 11?
    Changes in Internet Explorer 11 have caused a minor compatibility issue for streaming media from Wirepath™ DVR's. The best solution for restoring camera views is to update the DVR firmware to version 7.91.53 or higher. After the update, run the IE Plugin Removal tool found on the support tab. Then, re-access the DVR through Internet Explorer to load the new plugin version. For IE11 streaming to work with DVRs on older firmware versions, add the address of the Wirepath device to the IE11 Compatibility View List.  Open Internet Explorer, and click the “Tools” icon.  Then click Compatibility View Settings. Add the IP address or DDNS address to this list.  Now the page can be refreshed and camera views will load normally.
  2. I keep getting an "Access denied/Not Found" error accessing DVR via IE.
    Add the DVR address to trusted sites list in the "internet options" menu of IE.
  3. How can I view my DVR cameras on a Mac?
    We have developed a standalone Mac app for Wirepath DVR's. It can be downloaded by clicking here.
  4. I am unable to access the DVR with a computer on the same network. Why?
    Connect a monitor directly to the DVR to set a valid IP address for local access. If you still have trouble,
  5. Can you view 2 DVR’s at once? (e.g. customer has a DVR in Florida and North Carolina)
    Yes, you can view both using Internet Explorer 32 bit.
  6. Can I view multiple DVRs at once on my iPhone, iPad or Android device?
    The iPhone, iPad and Android apps do not support viewing multiple DVRs simultaneously. However, you can set up multiple DVRs in the device list and switch between them.
  7. What versions of Internet Explorer will work with my Wirepath DVR?
    Internet Explorer 8, 32-bit and newer versions will work on any version of Windows XP, Vista, or 7. When using Windows 8, the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 must be used. The Metro version does not run plug-ins so it cannot be used.
  8. Does Internet Explorer 10 work with my Wirepath Surveillance products?
    Yes, as long as you use the full version. The Metro version does not support the drivers needed to run our software.
  9. What Internet browsers are your DVRs compatible with?
    Currently DVRs can be viewed remotely, with full functionality, only on Windows Internet Explorer 32 bit. For Macs, there is a standalone software app that can be downloaded by clicking here.
  10. I get "Access to C:\IEPlugin_h264\device_list.2 was denied."
    Right click on IE and select "Run as administrator". Add the address of the DVR to the "Trusted Sites" list in Internet Explorer.
  11. When I type the URL for the cameras, the page pops up with either an empty box with a red 'X' or shows only a picture of each video feed but it never refreshes.
    To remote view the cameras in an Internet browser, you must use Internet Explorer 32 bit. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome will only load a snapshot of the image from each camera from the time it was accessed. IE 64 bit will come up with a empty box with a red 'X'. For Mac's, download the standalone Mac app by clicking here.
  12. Can I access my Wirepath surveillance device using a phone running Windows Phone OS?
    We do not currently support Windows Phone OS.
  13. I am having problems accessing cameras via my smartphone/iPad app.
    Verify the DDNS (e.g. wirepathdns.com) address is entered into the address bar if you are not on the same network, or the local IP address is entered if you are on the same network. Make sure ports are forwarded correctly using a port checking website.

Video Quality

  1. Do you have a recommended network/ internet speed for smooth streaming of video to remote devices?
    Our recommendation is a minimum of 1 mb/s upload speed.
  2. Video looks blocky, how do I increase the streaming quality?
    In the DVR interface, go to Setup>Network>Advanced and increase the video stream setting. If you are in IE, go to Device Config>Properties>Network and increase the video stream setting. "QCIF-Fair" is the lowest and "Record" is the highest quality stream. (Note, if using Record, the video stream may be delayed by a second or two due to the increased bandwidth use.)
  3. How can I improve the image quality on IE or my phone app?
    Change the video stream by navigating from the camera view page to Device Config and clicking Modify in Internet Explorer, or go to the Setup menu of the DVR Mobile App. Also check that the Compression setting in the "Precamera" tab is not set on "High", use only "Normal."

Wiring & Connections

  1. Can you use screw-on BNC connectors with crimp on RG6/59 ends for video?
    Yes, you can use these type of connections, however for optimal performance and less chance of service issues, compression type BNC ends for each type of wire are recommended.
  2. How do you make video pass through the HDMI output of the DVR?
    Plug the HDMI cable into the DVR and display. Power cycle the DVR. If picture is still not displayed, change the resolution in the DVR via the display tab in the menu.

3-Year Limited Warranty
This DVR has a 3-Year Limited Warranty. The warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified, disassembled or improperly installed. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).