Binary™ HDMI 4x4 Matrix Switcher with HDMI Outputs

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Binary™ HDMI 4x4 Matrix Switcher with HDMI Outputs

Item#: B-100-HDMATRIX-4x4

Binary™ HDMI 4x4 Matrix Switch with HDMI Outputs
If your application calls for reliable HDMI switching this Binary™ HDMI 4X4 Matrix is the perfect solution. Simultaneously route 4 sources to up to 4 different displays using our HDMI cables for direct connection, or use our extenders to send video to remote rooms. Exclusive Binary setup software, built-in bidirectional RS-232 and a powered IR input make it an installer’s favorite!

Integration Ready w/ RS-232 and IR
To control the matrix itself, IR and bi-directional RS-232 are available. And thanks to prewritten drivers found on the support tab for many popular control systems, it’s never been easier to integrate.

HDMI® (with 3D)
If you love acronyms, this 4X4 has you covered with full support of the HDMI® (with 3D), Deep Color (36bit) and HDCP 2.0 as well as support for Dolby® True HD, Dolby® Digital Plus, DTS™-HD Master and LPCM audio formats.

EDID Management
With the incredible variety of sources and displays available, getting them all synced up can sometimes be a challenge - especially when you have to deal with confusing DIP switches. To simplify this process, the B-100-HDMATRIX EDID settings can be configured using the included remote control or convenient PC configuration utility. Three EDID modes are provided for ultimate flexibility - Auto, Embedded and Learning.

Software Toolkit
The included PC Configuration utility let's you easily manage EDID settings, test Inputs and outputs, update firmware and more.

HDCP 2.0 Key Management
Many recently released HDMI source devices only offer one HDCP key, meaning that standard HDMI switchers may only be able to pass video to a single display. This true 4X4 matrix offers full HDCP 2.0 key management - an automatic process that ensures no HDCP-compliant TV will be left in the dark, even if the source only has a single key!

Fast Switching, No Blinking
Fast switching (<3 seconds) ensures that you don't miss any of the action while waiting around for the video to sync! Plus, once a display is locked onto a source, there is no "blinking" of that display while other displays change sources.

Engineered by SnapAV
Under the hood of this 4X4 is an engineer’s paradise! These surface-mount, high speed circuits (up to 6.75 Gbps) are built on a multi-layer board to give you reliable HDMI switching that supports current and future 3D technologies. "Engineered by SnapAV" – it’s not just a saying, it’s what we do.

Built-In ESD and Surge Protection
Intelligent circuit design, perfected through extensive hardware testing, has resulted in a very robust product with excellent ESD and surge protection that exceeds CE Level 3 standards. During development, every connection was tortured with an ESD gun and a lightning simulator. They were hit with ESD at 15KV and surges up to 2500V. More important, though, they each lived to tell about it!

Built for Installers
A versatile 1U rack design allows you to position the matrix in the front of the rack - or reverse mounted in the back for easy access to connections. The in-line power supply features a screw lock to secure it to the unit. No more worries about service calls just because the power came unplugged when dusting around the equipment (like THAT ever happens).

(1) B-100-HDMATRIX-4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch
(2) Rack ears for mounting
(1) IR Remote
(1) Power supply( 5V 4A)
(1) IR Adapter for Control Systems
(1) User Manual
(1) CD-ROM containing Documentation and PC Configuration Utility

Video Support HDTV up to 1080P 60Hz
PC up to 1920 x 1200 (WXUVGA)
Audio Support Supports all HDMI audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD
3D Support Yes
Deep Color 36-bit (12-bits per color)
Video Bandwidth 6.75 Gbps
HDCP Version HDCP 2.0
HDMI Connector Type HDMI Type A 19 pin
IR Receiver Connector for Matrix Control (Green) Yes, 3.5mm Stereo, powered
IR Signal Frequency 36-40KHz
Power Supply 5V DC, 4A
Locking Power Connector Yes
Power Consumption 20 Watts maximum
Color Black
Dimensions Width: 17.31” x Height: 1.75” x Depth: 5.25”
Weight 4.45 lbs
Certifications and Compliance CE, FCC, RoHS
Optional Accessories Binary™ 1CAT and 1COAX extenders
Binary™ HDMI Cables
Binary™ Shielded CAT5e & Shielded CAT6A Bulk Wire
Episode® IR products

Manuals and Support Documents

Manuals & Guides
Product Manual
Cut Sheet
Configuration Utility Manual
HDMI/HDBaseT Best Practices

Technical Drawings
IR Pin-Outs
RS232 Pin-Outs
AutoCAD Drawing

Control Protocols and Drivers
Protocols Documents
RS232 Serial Protocol
IR Remote HEX Protocol

Bitwise Drivers
Note:Bitwise Certified IR/RS232 Drivers and instructions can be found on the Bitwise Dealer site.

Crestron Drivers
Crestron Driver Usage Guide (HelpFile)
Crestron RS232-IP Drivers

Control4 Drivers
Note: Control4 drivers for the current release of firmware posted below are not available in composer at this time. Download the drivers below after updating to the latest firmware.
Control4 IR Remote Driver
Control4 RS232 Control Driver
Control4 Driver Installation How To

Elan g! Drivers
Elan g! RS232 Control Driver

RTI Drivers
Note: RTI Certified IR/IP Drivers and instructions can be found on the RTI’s Dealer site.

All Firmware Software Files - Released 04/29/2014
Release Notes Important: Please read for information on the current release of firmware.


Audio & Video

  1. Is there a way to correct a lip-sync issue with a Matrix and an analog audio system?
    Using the shortest cables lengths possible may minimize this issue but there are no setting adjustments on the matrix to correct this.
  2. Can I send both 2 channel stereo and 7.1 surround audio through your matrix simultaneously?
    The matrices support one audio format on all outputs at a time.
  3. One of my TVs connected to a matrix has no audio, or garbled audio output.
    The source you are routing to the TV is set for multi channel audio. Set the source for 2 channel stereo output.

Control Programming

  1. How do I learn the IR commands from the remote for the B-100/300 matrices?
    We do not recommend learning the IR commands to a standard learning remote. The remote is a macro style which requires multiple button pushes to connect Outputs to Inputs and is not reliable once copied to a universal style remote. Use the IR hex data located on our website to copy into your remote editor. These commands are "discreet" and require only one command for full Output to Input connection.


  1. Can you learn the EDID of a display going into a matrix through an extender?
    No, you must use the B-300-HDMATRIX-ELD EDID learning device or plug an HDMI cable directly from the matrix.

HDMI Features

  1. Can you “piggyback” from one matrix to another to expand the inputs?
    No, you can’t expand the number of inputs by feeding the output of one matrix into another.
  2. Do the HDMI matrices support Audio Return Channel (ARC)?
    No, they do not currently support ARC.
  3. Do the HDMI matrix switchers support 3D?
    As long as all displays support 3D, there will not be any issues.

IR Passthrough

  1. Does the B-100 or B-300 matrix provide IR routing?
    Not from the display location back to the source selected.


  1. Can your matrices be used in countries that use 240 VAC?
    Yes, The B-100 and B-300 models are supplied with a switching power supply making it compatible with both 110 and 240 VAC electrical systems.


  1. Is there a way to reset a HDMI matrix to factory settings?
    Both the B-100 and B-300 series can be restored to original factory settings using either the supplied remote control or configuration software. The quickest way is to use the remote. Simply press the "DEFAULT" button 4 times, about once per second, and the press "ENTER".
  2. Is the new configuration software for your matrices compatible with the B-200 or B-210 models?
    No, the configuration utility is only compatible with the new B-100 and B-300 4X4 and 8X8 models.
  3. Can I extend the HDMI output of the B-100 using the B-200-1CAT-HDIR extender?
    Yes, you can extend the HDMI signal up to 130 feet using the B-200-1CAT-HDIR extender.
  4. Can I use both the CAT5 and HDMI outputs simultaneously on your B-300-4x4/8x8 matrix?
    Yes, however the outputs will be mirrored.

Two-Year Limited Warranty
This Binary™ product has a 2-year limited Warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products which have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).