Learn more about why SnapAV created this program.

Product reliability is more than important…it’s the difference between profits and losses on a job.

This is especially true during product installation. There’s nothing worse that wasting time trying to install a product…troubleshooting it repeatedly…frustrating yourself and your client, only to find out that the product simply doesn’t work as advertised. And while many products are pretty simple to install (we just don’t get tech support calls on zip ties), some are a bit more complex.

So, how can you know that a new SnapAV product is reliable and easy to install? Because we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

If you buy a SnapAV product with this mark and it doesn’t work, we’ll give you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK.

If we waste your time, we pay the price—not you.

Put simply: If we waste your time, we’ll pay for it.

 You purchase any SnapAV product marked with this symbol.

 If you encounter problems installing the product, call us at (866) 424-4489.
(Of course, you will have read the manual before you call us…right?)

 If we can’t solve your problem to your satisfaction, just ask us to refund your money—TWICE.

 Scratch your chin and wonder how many of your suppliers respect your time.

And here are all the little details:
All SnapAV dealers with accounts in good standing are eligible to participate in program. Dealer must call SnapAV from installation site and allow SnapAV Technical Support team to troubleshoot product installation. SnapAV reserves the right to disqualify any claim that is the result of HDMI extenders, HDMI cables or Category wire from another manufacturer (in other words, we can’t guarantee someone else’s products). All ‘Double Money Back’ claims must be made within 60 days of invoice for SnapAV product in question. Dealer must facilitate return of defective product to SnapAV to qualify for double refund (of course, SnapAV will arrange for a pick-up of the product and pay for the return shipping). Double refund will be processed as a credit toward future SnapAV product purchases when defective product is received by SnapAV. That’s it. Really.