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URC MX-780 IR/RF Remote Control

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The MX-780 is the best entry-level custom remote on the market. Featuring a beautiful OLED Color Screen & easy programming you can't go wrong!

URC MX-780 IR/RF Remote Control

The MX-780 Remote Control provides the reliability you need when controlling your entertainment system. It’s gorgeous 1.46” OLED screen gives you a higher contrast ratio than LCD screens and uses less energy as well – this means you’ll enjoy more vibrant and deeper color levels, especially in low light settings! URC has added a host of new color icons with modern sources for your installer to use when designing the layout and look of your MX-780 remote control.

Key Features

  • Comfortable, ergonomic wand-style design
  • Color display
  • OLED display uses less energy, creates less eye strain


Manuals and Guides

Support Documents



  • I’m new to URC, how do I get trained on ccGEN2 and/or Complete Control Products?
    Follow the steps on the Training Instructions document found on the product Support Tabs.
  • What are the differences between a Complete Control (CCP) system vs a ccGEN2 system?
    Complete Control (CCP) is designed primarily for single-room control. It is capable of one-way control of AV devices using a combination of Infrared (IR) and/or Radio Frequency (RF) to communicate to base stations. ccGEN2 is a comprehensive, two-way, IP-based home automation and control system. It includes products such as, wand-style remotes, in-wall touchscreen keypads, mobile apps and network system controllers. It allows end-users to control the entire system from almost anywhere in the world using its mobile app via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Programmers can even modify the system remotely after initial installation is complete. Its network capabilities allows for easy expansion at any time so the system can grow with its users.
  • I’m a current URC Complete Control (CCP) dealer, how do I get a trained on ccGEN2 products?
    Follow the Training Instructions (found on the Support Tab), starting with step 6 OR attend a live training event with URC training specialists. See the URC University Training Calendar at the URC University (must be logged in)
  • Software & Firmware

  • Where do I download the ccGEN2 and/or Complete Control (CCP) software?
    On the product Support Tabs there is a link for either Complete Control (CCP) or ccGEN2 software.
  • Can I use the Complete Control (CCP) Software with ccGEN2 products and vice versa?
    No, the programs are written in different programming languages making it impossible to use products across platforms.
  • What is the difference between the Complete Control (CCP) residential and commercial software?
    The two software platforms function exactly the same; however, the Commercial Installation Software offers a variety of commercial and industrial oriented icons for devices and activities.

URC Limited Warranty

We want to make our Affiliate program as easy as possible. That’s why we process all claims directly, without any third party telephone tag. Click here for specific warranty terms and details from the manufacturer.