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  • 70-400ppm detection
  • Built-in temporal 4 sounder

  • Secure encrypted wireless transmissions
  • Industry-leading wireless range and battery life

  • Reliably identifies the sound of breaking glass
  • Delivers 4-6 years of battery life

  • Includes an IP55 rated weatherproof enclosure
  • Battery powered outdoor motion sensor


  • Portable device for emergency initiation of system
  • Fully sealed, water resistant housing

  • Highly reliable smoke alarm with photoelectric smoke, fixed heat, and rate-of-rise detection elements
  • Built-in temporal 3 sounder

  • Extends the wireless range of Clare Security sensors
  • Includes rechargeable backup battery

  • 360° detection range with 62 distinct detection zones
  • Battery powered indoor motion sensor

  • Alerts if windows, doors, cabinets, or even drawers are opened
  • Battery powered contact-close sensor

  • Detects water, moisture, and flood upon contact
  • Battery powered, and can trigger alarms remotely

  • Detect indoor motion
  • Pet Immune PIR motion sensor doesn't set off your security alarm when detecting pets, including large dogs

  • Use for mounting sensor in challenging install locationss