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With a wide breadth of solutions ranging from a simple “plug-and-play" to complex multi-gig jobs, Araknis has what you need from routers, switches, and access points. Robust hardware plus OvrC cloud capabilities ensure Araknis provides you with peace of mind as well as a foundation upon which to scale your systems and build operational efficiencies for your team.

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Araknis Outdoor WAP


Demands on residential networks are higher than ever – with gigabit-plus ISP speeds available in many areas, work-from-home video conferencing during work hours, and 4K streaming entertainment after hours. Araknis tackles these applications with ease thanks to a full suite of scalable wired and wireless solutions from 1Gbps to 10Gbps

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Businesses require a robust network to ensure reliable day-to-day operations. Araknis has a scalable platform on which to build your customer’s business, with solutions from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. Optional features like secure site-to-site connections via IPSec, VPN, dual-WAN, and redundant power supplies with failover ensure your next commercial project has the advanced capabilities your customer demands.

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From curb to client, Araknis offers multi-gig solutions to take on high-bandwidth installs and build a foundation for future networking demands.

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Access Points

Designed with you in mind, our access points paired with OvrC make wireless setup and troubleshooting easier and faster than ever before. With support for Wi-Fi 6, 2.5G, and PoE+ power, as well as indoor and outdoor models, Araknis access points offer reliability and speed.

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Araknis router


Our Araknis routers can support multi-gigabit internet and come embedded with OvrC® Pro for complete network monitoring, support, and visibility. With a variety of different models supporting up to 2.5G, dual WAN, site-to-site VPN, and installer-inspired mounting options, there is an Araknis router to meet your demanding network install.

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Araknis switch


Support all your network needs with a full line of professional-grade switches. With up to 10G throughput, PoE++, full Layer 3 functionality, OvrC cloud management, and options for compact form factors, Araknis offers scalable switch offerings to suit any network.

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Streamline with OvrC

OvrC is a free, cloud-based remote management platform created by Snap One that enables professionals to configure, manage, and troubleshoot devices on the network. Additionally, every Araknis router includes OvrC Pro – a powerful suite of tools that extends visibility and access to the entire network of IP devices, including non-Snap One products, plus provides enhanced system health and troubleshooting capabilities.

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Partner Reward Perks

Every Araknis Networks purchase can earn you 3x points for our Partner Rewards Program, helping you put more profit in your pocket.

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OvrC is included on all Araknis Networks products, and when paired with other OvrC-enabled products from Snap One, you'll appreciate the comprehensive suite of cloud-based tools and features that will make your life easier.

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Networking Certification

You get access to award-winning training by becoming a Professional Certified Network Administrator (PCNA) which gets you hands-on experience with Araknis products.