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High-Performance Home Theater Projectors

JVC custom-install projectors deliver excellent performance in a variety of settings for a natural and brilliant viewing experience. JVC is the first home theater projector to deliver 8K input and full 8K output. Via 8K e-shiftX and a new 240hz Driver with 4-Way/Multi-Axis Shift, JVC projectors deliver true 8K resolution with over 35 million addressable pixels.

Reference Series Projectors

Deliver a stunning and realistic home theater experience with the JVC Reference Series, featuring Auto Tone Mapping for the best HDR picture possible.

Frame Adapt HDR w/ Theater Optimizer

Frame Adapt HDR is JVC’s dynamic tone mapping system, processing all 4K HDR-10 content either frame by frame or scene by scene, so it is never too dark, or too bright. Its built-in Theater Optimizer automatically adjusts the projector to the exact installation and fine tunes 4K HDR-10 playback over time.

Supports High-Res 8K Signal Input

JVC has produced the world’s first home theater projector with 8K/60p/4K120p input. Its 8K/e-shift proprietary technology produces 8K-quality imaging from 4K signals that’s so detailed and smooth your customers won’t believe their eyes!

Superior Color Performance and Contrast

A high contrast ratio combined with high brightness delivers a truly immersive experience that brings content to life. While the auto-calibration feature optimizes image quality for a superb experience on every install.


JVC’s latest D-ILA imaging chips offer the best black level and highest native contrast in the industry. A dual aperture light engine design in combination with these D-ILA chips improves the native contrast ratio to up to 100,000:1 with infinite dynamic contrast.

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JVC DLP Projector

DLP Projectors

With 4K resolution and HDR compatibility, JVC DLP projectors offer a wide range of color detail for an excellent viewing experience. The LX-UH1 features a compact design and wide lens shift for easy installation, and the LX-NZ3B uses JVC’s original “Auto Tone Mapping” function for optimum HDR imaging.

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A few acessories for JVC

Essential Accessories

JVC offers 3D RF Active Shutter Glasses designed for use with all JVC 3D projectors, an easy-to-install 3D RF emitter for all JVC 3D projectors, and replacement lamps for all your install needs.

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