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Snap One Connected is a new initiative where we discuss big ideas and hot topic issues with Partners and experts to assess industry trends and challenges and create a path forward and help you succeed. Get connected to learn about successful strategies, best practices, and resources that will enable your business to grow.

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Recurring Monthly Revenue

In this issue, we explore recurring revenue models and how a subscription-based service plan will help you win more referrals and provide future sales opportunities.

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More Referrals

Customers are happier and give more referrals when their system is well-managed and they have realistic expectations for the maintenance of that system. Customers who are frustrated by unexpected service and maintenance can damage your reputation.

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Sales Opportunities

Ongoing service department interactions provide opportunities for deeper customer relationships and ultimately future sales. When managed efficiently, post-install services can turn a significant profit and boost your reputation.

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Valued Services

Charging for one-off service is usually an uphill battle. When a customer agrees to a recurring monthly charge for remote managed services and forecasted labor, you have a mutual agreement that your services are valuable and you get to offset some of your costs that would typically only be billable during a service call.

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Business Efficiencies

A recurring monthly revenue (RMR) model makes it easier to build and manage your budget by enabling you to easily forecast future revenue. Using a recurring revenue model for expected maintenance can reduce administrative costs by minimizing time spent reviewing time sheets and calculating hours spent per client.

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Service Subscriptions are Good for Business

Adopting a business model that ties service contracts to all your projects is essential for business growth. Having customers subscribe to a service plan helps to set the expectation that maintenance is an inherent aspect when investing in technology. Regular communication about the status of their system and the services you provide create opportunities to build trust and strengthen the relationship.

A remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, like OvrC, enables you to deliver a reliable customer experience while reducing truck rolls. With programming and automation, many issues are resolved before the customer knows there was a problem. This makes it the ideal base tier for a service plan because you can generate recurring monthly revenue while maintaining low overhead and manage your service department efficiently by reserving time and energy for issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

What Next?

Hear from integrators who have grown their business by developing service plans around remote management and monitoring. Get resources to help you scale your business and develop a subscription-based service plan. You'll also hear from Snap One product leaders about how our products are developed with business growth in mind.

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Meet other integrators and learn about their successful business practices and the challenges they've faced.

Don Dunn and Eric Jablon photo

Interview with:
Don Dunn, VP of Technology
Eric Jablon, Service Manager

Haven Smart

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Portait of Victor Gurel of Custom Electronics

Interview with:
Victor Gurel, CEO

Custom Electronics

Listen Now

Remote Management for the Win

Haven Smart was able to sign a huge job for a hockey stadium because they were the only integrator who offered remote monitoring and management as a service. Listen to the interview to learn more.

Quotable moment:

"Churn and burn integrators who don’t offer services post-install are leaving money on the table. We’ve turned service into a profit center and OvrC has been transformative for us."

Cover Warranty Periods with Ease

Victor started offering remote managed services in order to make warranty periods less expensive for his service department and customers loved it so much they were happy to pay. Listen to the interview to learn more.

Quotable moment:

"​​OvrC is saving us time and money. We offer a one-year warranty on all products we install—a worry-free guarantee. OvrC helped us reduce service costs during this first year. And when we charge for service, we’ve found that using OvrC has made us really effective, to the point that customers are happy to be paying us.”

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Information and resources to help you develop your team and business.

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How To Guide:

"Nine Steps to Earning Recurring Revenue and Winning More Referrals" is a step-by-step guide developed by two industry veterans with a combined 40+ years of experience. Read more >

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Examples of Service Tiers:

See examples of pricing and service tiers from integrators around the U.S. and use it to determine what kind of services you'd like to offer customers. Read more >

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Sales Guide:

Help teach your sales team how to introduce the value and need for subscription service contracts. Read more >

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Getting Started with OvrC:

Use these Tech Community resources to help you get started with OvrC. Read more >

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New Knowledge Base Article:

Even if you think your technicians are already OvrC experts, have them check out this new KB article, "OvrC Best Practices You Need to Know." Read more >

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Podcast: Expert Roundtable:

Hear from experts as we discuss challenges and explore the specifics of implementing subscription-based service plans to earn recurring revenue, win more referrals, and manage your team more efficiently. Watch or listen >

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Industry chats about where the future of the industry is headed and insights into what Snap One is working on.

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OvrC: How It Started And Where It's Going

Learn how the recent OvrC Pro update and the new end-user app both demonstrate our commitment to OvrC as a long-term solution for our Partners.

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Learn about the people and processes that make Snap One a leader in the industry.

Snap One Tours

See behind the scenes.

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Snap One Faces

Learn about the people at Snap One.

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