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Simplified Media Distribution That’s Better Together

Discover the future of media distribution with MoIP (Media-Over-IP) solutions. Snap One's MoIP Ecosystem features a range of MoIP enabled products and support, providing a “better together” solution that simplifies the process of specifying, deploying, and expanding complex media distribution projects.

Empowering Integrators for Seamless Media Distribution

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High Performance, Low Latency

Snap One's MoIP technology, in partnership with the foundation of Araknis®, ensures minimal compression and ultra-low latency signal transmission, making it the perfect choice for seamless live streaming to multiple endpoints. MoIP products allow advanced compression techniques, delivering exceptional media quality while minimizing bandwidth demands and latency.

Fast, Flexible Deployment & Monitoring

MoIP simplifies cabling and offers flexible placement, ensuring effortless media distribution in various spaces. It's a must-have technology for both residential and commercial applications, including video walls, digital signage, cinematic displays, and live streaming.

When paired with OvrC, Snap One's free cloud-based platform, installation and management become hassle-free, enabling you to handle projects of any size with ease. Take your setup, connectivity, and capacity to the next level with OvrC, automating controller and endpoint discovery while expediting configuration.

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Easy Expansion and Futureproofing

Expanding your system? With Snap One's MoIP offerings, there's no need to overhaul your entire setup and re-run cables. By incorporating MoIP products like the Binary Media over IP Transmitters and Receivers you not only enhance your current project but also lay the foundation for future expansions and updates. When audio expansion becomes necessary, just add in Episode MoIP Amp with ease.

Expansion Beyond A/V

Simplify infrastructure and broaden services by consolidating technology into a single IP network to deliver various types of media, including:

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MoIP Solutions from Binary

Binary 900 Series

Binary 960 Series

The Binary 960 Series 4K60 Media over IP Transmitters, Receivers, and Transceivers are Snap One’s next generation of MoIP solutions. They run on a 10GB capable network, allowing for 4K60 4:4:4, HDR video quality distribution, expanded video features, and advanced audio routing capabilities. With MoIP Audio or Episode MoIP Amps, you can distribute 2-channel premium audio without delay throughout the space.

Get more features when pairing MoIP with other Snap One brands – such as Araknis or Luma – so they work better together. Setup is faster and easier with all MoIP configuration directly in OvrC, and provides easy access to tools like video snapshots, video statistics, and more!

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Binary 900 Series

Binary 900 Series

The Binary 900 Series Media over IP Receivers and Transmitters with and without Audio Downmixing are equipped to handle all A/V and multiroom audio. Operating on a gigabit Layer 2 PoE switch, MoIP 900 series creates a flexible IP media distribution system that delivers visually lossless 4K HDR (HDR 30Hz and HDCP 2.2 compatible) video resulting in an ultra-stable video stream, perfect audio/video sync and ultra-low latency.

And with MoIP Audio, you can distribute 2-channel premium audio without delay throughout the space.

OvrC remote management allows for quick system setup, easy troubleshooting with access to live screenshots of source stream and fast, simple firmware updates.

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Binary 900 Audio RX

Binary 900 Audio RX

Compatible with 900 and 960 Series

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Binary 900 Audio TX

Binary 900 Audio TX

Compatible with 900 and 960 Series

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Binary 900 Controller

Binary 900 Controller

Our in-house development team’s sophisticated MoIP management platform delivers the easiest and most seamless experience possible. This custom software lies at the heart of every MoIP system, enabling easy setup, fast switching, control integration, and OvrC remote access.

The MoIP Controller works with the MoIP 900 and 960 Series to create a highly scalable, flexible IP media distribution system. It delivers visually lossless 4K HDR (HDCP 2.2 compatible) video and all multichannel formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X – all from a cost-effective gigabit Layer 2 or 3 PoE switch.

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MoIP-Enabled Solutions

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Bring the best in security, surveillance, and convenience using Luma X20 cameras and MoIP. Instantly view important activities in clear detail around your property using MoIP’s 960’s Picture-in-Picture feature on your display.

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Episode® MoIP Amps

Episode MoIP Amplifiers are the industry's first audio-over-IP amplifier solution. With full MoIP interoperability, these amplifiers utilize the network as its backbone, enabling seamless transmission of 4K HDR and hi-res audio content from multiple sources to various displays or audio zones, creating a fully scalable solution. Simplify setup, control, and remote management with OvrC.

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Control4 Controllers

Control4 CORE, EA Controllers and Triad One Streaming Amps harness the power of Ryff-to-MoIP to function as MoIP audio transmitters, which stream media over the network to a Binary MoIP Receiver without any physical cables or outputs.

The Control4 Ryff-to-MoIP feature provides integrators with more flexibility when deploying distributed audio and MoIP allowing the two ecosystems to be bridged with ease.

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Control4 Chime Video Doorbell

Give your residential customers the surveillance needed in a complete smart home by pairing MoIP with your Control4 Chime Doorbell. MoIP 960’s Picture-in-Picture feature unlocks additional security, allowing homeowners to view their doorbell streams on their TV.

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Araknis Routers with OvrC Pro

Provide the reliable network foundation that MoIP systems need with Araknis Routers, which support up to 2.5Gbps throughput, secure remote VPN connections, and OvrC for faster setup and robust remote management.

Every Araknis router comes with OvrC Pro, enabling you to monitor, manage, configure, and troubleshoot the network and connected devices without rolling a truck.

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Araknis Multi-Gig Switches

Step into the future of networking with the flagship Araknis switches. As the backbone of the MoIP 960 Ecosystem, the 920 switch can take on high-performance networking installs and power-intensive applications. The 920 switch along with the 220, 320, and 620 (compatible with the MoIP 900 series) switches deliver efficient network and high-quality content, especially for demanding AV over IP applications.

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