The Future of Media Distribution is Here

Media over IP (MoIP) is the modern approach to AV distribution. Using the network as the backbone, 4K HDR10 content can be sent from any number of sources to any number of displays, creating a completely scalable solution. Expand beyond audio and visual into surveillance and entertainment integrations through the MoIP Ecosystem. Thanks to OvrC®, the system is easy to set up, control, and manage remotely. This is Media over IP perfected.

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MOIP Together in One Ecosystem

Get more features and faster setup when pairing MOIP with other Snap One brands including Luma®, Araknis®, and Control4®! MoIP ecosystem removes all barriers, creating a decentralized media over IP system that makes mutli-room AV easier to install. flexible, and highly scalable, compared to traditional setups.

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The Total Audio/Video Package

Binary MoIP eliminates legacy EMI and HDCP/EDID interference. Each source is encoded and visually lossless at the highest quality possible (ex. 4K HDR). Then at each display, the signal is decoded from the network and scaled to the desired resolution (ex. 1080p or 4K HDR). Built-in scaling in the RX makes mixed 1080p/4K systems possible. Using the downmixing feature, MoIP provides immersive multi-channel audio in one area while sharing throughout the space in a 2-channel audio format. And with MoIP Audio, you can distribute 2-channel audio throughout the home.

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The Fastest, Simplest Solution

Gone are the days of head-scratching system design, next-level network know-how and confusing configurations. MoIP removes all that complexity, requiring only a Layer 2 PoE switch, so you don’t need a network guru to install it. OvrC-enablement, simple setup and intuitive user-interfaces enable you to go from power-on to picture in 5 minutes or less. View the recommended 210 series PoE and 310 series PoE switches.

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Flexible & Scalable

The MoIP solution allows you to fit, scale, and upgrade the solution to match your client’s specific needs. Need a 6x8 for one job and a 7x13 for another one? No problem. What about adding a video wall with multi-channel audio in one area with 2-channel in another? Done. Instead of replacing the entire system, you can simply purchase new transmitters or receivers when adding sources or displays.

Two solutions, One Platform

The MoIP 900 and 960 Series can handle all A/V and multiroom audio. Whether you choose the 900 or 960 Series, they both work with the 900 Series MoIP controller and MoIP Audio, which provides additional 2-channel audio distribution throughout the project. MoIP Audio can be used as a simple point-to-point solution or scaled to a 96 x 96 system with the introduction of the MoIP controller. Plus, MoIP Audio adjusts to account for any delays in video processing for the ultimate in custom audio integration.

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The Power of OvrC

MoIP harnesses something no other media product can- the award- winning remote management tool, OvrC. With OvrC, set up becomes quicker and easier, thanks to the convenience of handling all MoIP configurations directly within the app. Additionally, OvrC provides seamless access to such troubleshooting tools as video snapshots, video statistics, and more.

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Control System Integration

Our engineers have written drivers for the industry’s leading control systems, including Control4, Crestron, ELAN, URC and more – so controlling the system has a familiar feel. Advanced features like IR routing and RS-232 over IP deliver even more flexibility and customization – and we’ve even provided open API to create your own drivers if needed.

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