Choosing an Amplifier

Use our System Calculator to determine whether you need the EA-HYB-2D-1000 or 2000 to power your system. It even provides a SKU list that you can copy into the Quick Order on our website.

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Episode Hybrid Series Amplifier

This powerful IP controlled two-channel Episode amplifier delivers incredible performance for speaker systems both big and small. It supports hybrid 70V/8-ohm systems - and best of all, it’s only 1U, meaning it can fit in a rack and keep the music hot, all while staying cool.

500W x 2 Channels

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1000W x 2 Channels

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System Selection

You’ll likely consider size, power, and price when determining which system to use, but there are other factors that may come into play. Click below to better understand which type is best for your install.

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Connecting the Episode Hybrid Amplifier

The recommended power plant for Episode systems is a high-power EA-Hybrid amplifier. It offers versatility with simultaneous 70V and 8ohm operation and features DSPs to optimize sound. Episode hybrid amps feature both balanced and unbalanced inputs, giving you the utmost flexibility in source selection. Input gain control is available via the local UI.

Control System or Audio Matrix

This amplifier is both IP and serial controllable and a full suite of drivers are available via the support tap.

Zone 2 Output from an AVR

Using the Zone 2 output from an AVR will provide the customer with access to all sources connected to the AVR – for example listening to the football game during a BBQ.

CLEANBox Pro & FSR Overview

The professional-grade Crown amplifier requires a higher input signal than is typical in common residential products.

Note: If using a CLEANBox Pro or FSR, ensure the level is not set so high that it clips, which can damage the speakers.

CleanBox Pro

Most consumer electronics provide less than the 2V peak-to-peak pro-level needed, resulting in low output volume from the speakers. In those cases, a CLEANBox Pro module may be needed. Use a CLEANBox Pro when you need to boost signals coming into the amplifier, and you have a way for the customer to control the system volume (through variable output source component or control system).

Cabling Note: The input to the CLEANBox Pro will likely be a standard RCA male cable. For the output from CLEANBox Pro to the Crown amplifier adaptor cable, you will need to use two XLR female to RCA male cables (must be purchased elsewhere). View Connection Guide >>

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FSR Line Level VCM

Use this when you don’t have a way for the customer to control the system volume (like when using a fixed output from the source). The VCM provides RS-232 control of the line level and is also able to boost the signal to the required commercial levels for the Crown. NOTE: To prevent clipping, ensure the Input Level DIP switch is set to “Consumer”.

Cabling Note: The input to the FSR will likely be an RCA male on one end and bare wires on the other. For the output from the FSR to the Crown amplifier, you will need to use two conductor shielded signal wires. Note: To sum the signal to the Crown, on the FSR set the Output DIP switch to Mono L+R.

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