System Calibration

Once all equipment has been connected, powered on, and tested for integrity, the system must be calibrated. The goal is to provide the best performance with ample volume output, while ensuring overall levels are properly set to prevent damage to any system components. Refer to product manuals for further details

Step 1

Use the Power Calculator to double-check the system power requirements and speaker tap settings.

Step 2

Match satellite speaker tap settings to those in the Power Calculator. This ensures you don’t overdrive the system.

Step 3

Set the EA-Hybrid amplifier DSP for each channel for the type of speakers connected via the front panel or local UI.

Step 4

Set source volume to Max.

Step 5

Adjust EA-Hybrid amp so that the sound is as loud as desired.

Step 6

If the source is too loud adjust the input gain on the EA-Hybrid amp.


Your customer's landscape system is now complete and ready for years of enjoyment.

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