Episode Landscape

Landscape speaker in a garden

The Sound of Nature Never Stood a Chance

If you’re ready to create the ultimate outdoor audio experience for your customers, then you’re ready for Episode outdoor speakers.

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Designed for the Pros

From start to finish, Episode products are tailored specifically for professional integrators. They’re constructed from premium materials, which help deliver exceptional sound throughout any outdoor space. Engineered with convenient installation features, you’ll be able to spend hours on site, rather than days.

Landscape speaker in a garden
Episode Landscape speakers laying in grass

Built for Business

Whether you’re a team of one or 150, we can help your business succeed. Our speakers combine superior design and unmatched sound, while staying affordable. Quality, performance, plus ease of install mean happier customers and higher profitability for you.

Plenty to Choose From

We encompass a range of products for any system imaginable. Want more bass in your install? Check out our series of subwoofers, which use an innovative woofer to deliver earthshaking lows.

Utilize our Rock Speakers, available in two sizes and both sandstone and granite finishes for powerful sound without disrupting natural aesthetics.

Need both audio and lighting? Episode Radiance delivers both sound and lighting for the perfect ambience in a modular, easy to install package.

Landscape rock speaker in a garden
Episode flagship Radiance Landscape speaker in a garden

Products You’ll Love, an Experience You Can Sell

You’ve got a lot on your plate, so we’ve made it easy to get our speakers off shelves and into spaces everywhere. Designed to provide impeccable sound and even coverage, Episode speakers can transform any outdoor space into an open-air paradise.

Episode satellite speaker

Sounds for All Spaces

Traditional box-speaker installations can result in unbalanced volume and uneven coverage. Episode’s speaker solutions offer wide dispersion angles and adjustable tap settings, so you can avoid hot spots.

Episode flagship Radiance Landscape speaker in the rain

Built to Last

Outdoor environments can be harsh. From extreme weather to accidental hits and everything in between, outdoor speakers need to survive it all. Episode has you covered with reliable gear that will sound great and hold up for years of entertainment. Never worry about an install lasting again, since Episode products also include a limited lifetime warranty.

Episode flagship Radiance Landscape speaker in a garden
Episode flagship Radiance Landscape speaker in a garden
Episode flagship Radiance Landscape speaker in a garden

Awesome Aesthetics

No matter the installation, our speakers fit seamlessly into any environment with a variety of designs for any space. Achieve a perfect placement every time with in ground or discreet mounting options. From burial to pendants, wall to surface, and anywhere in between, our mounting options make it easy to achieve perfect placement every time.

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Ready for an install? We can help.

If you’re ready to incorporate Episode speakers into your next install, then we can help. From speaker selection to subwoofer placement, our Design & Install page has everything you need to get the job done right.

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