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Modern Musical Luxury

For nearly 70 years, Marantz has built some of the best AVRs, amplifiers, and other home theater components in the industry, giving the listener a more intimate audio experience through thoughtful innovation and a passion for great sound.

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Audio Excellence

Saul Marantz, the legend behind Marantz, was a true pioneer of Hi-Fi. Founded on innovation in 1953, Saul Marantz built the Audio Consolette, a Hi-Fi pre-amplifier designed for the home, creating a completely new idea for sound reproduction. For the last 70 years, Marantz has changed the way we experience audio.

AV Receivers

Drive exquisitely detailed home cinema with the Marantz AV receivers. With the latest technology in HDMI and support for the most advanced audio formats from Dolby, Marantz AV receivers deliver acclaimed performance with the latest in AV evolution.

Upclose image of the digital filter
Upclose image of the digital filter

Amplifiers and Pre-Amps

Meticulously and masterfully tuned, Marantz delivers audiophile sound with its extensive selection of powered, integrated, and pre-amplifiers. Expert sound masters carefully refine and curate each component for optimal performance on your most demanding theater integrations.