When a device is added to a Control4® system, corresponding drivers are installed to communicate relevant information about that device to the other system components. Hundreds of manufacturers have drivers that enable their products to interoperate with the Control4 automation system and more are being added every day. In addition to creating device drivers for third-party products, Control4 also supports programs to enable third-party developers and product vendors to create and distribute drivers that will function in the Control4 environment. Control4 also offers the Control4 Certification Program as an option for development partners. These products and drivers are rigorously tested in Control4 labs for interoperability with the Control4 platform.

Available Drivers

Control4 maintains an online database of device drivers which can be accessed directly from ComposerPro.

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Driver Works SDK & Documentation

The DriverWorks Software Development Kit (SDK) provides dealers and partners with the ability to independently develop custom two-way (Serial & network) drivers to incorporate new devices into the Control4 environment, or to customize existing drivers. DriverWorks uses the Lua programming language, which is delivered within the Composer software application and within the Control4 OS. Completed drivers do not require platform- or version-specific compiling. The development kit consists of the Lua Development Environment (included within Composer and the OS), a Getting Started Guide, Application Programming Interface (API) Reference Guide and a Proxy/Protocol Guide for supported devices.

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Driver Editor

DriverEditor is an integrated development environment designed to allow developers to create advanced two-way driver modules using the DriverWorks SDK. Developers should use DriverWorks 2.0.1 for development of drivers distributed as .c4i files for OS 2.6 and for prior versions of the Control4 OS. Developers should use DriverWorks 3.0 for development of drivers distributed as .c4z files for OS 2.6 and later.

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Driver Development Training

Control4 is pleased to provide a video training series focusing on developing device drivers. This series of training modules is targeted towards the experienced driver developer as well the beginner. It is designed to build in content as well as complexity throughout the entire curriculum.

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