The Market Leader in Digital Signage Media Players

BrightSign is the global leader in digital signage media players, with over a million players shipped to date. BrightSign offers PC-class performance and reliability without the hassles and complications of a PC, with the ability to manage content ranging from one-off installs to cloud-based global management.

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The BrightSign Advantage

BrightSign players are designed exclusively for digital signage, leveraging their slim OS on an ultra-reliable solid-state platform. BrightSign’s product portfolio is the industry’s most competitive and complete line-up of digital signage players.

Digital signage in  a mall
Digital signage in  a mall

State-of-the-Art Technology

BrightSign leverages OS 8, its modern web-based technology, to cloud-connect all BrightSign players for real-time access and control at no additional charge. BrightSign also continually offers updates with new leading-edge features so your systems will always be up to date.

Tiered Performance for Targeted Applications

Each BrightSign product line offers increasing levels of video and HTML performance to deliver engaging digital experiences that easily integrate into any environment.

Digital signage in  a mall
BSN Cloud icon Platform

The platform provides a cloud-connected experience that puts you in control of your players. It’s secure, scalable, and delivers varying levels of player, network, and content management services - with the Control Cloud level free for all BrightSign players!

Designed for Digital Signage with Ultimate Reliability

BrightSign players are purpose built for digital signage with a commercial grade operating system that delivers a cloud-connected experience for real time player access anytime, anywhere. BrightSign solid-state players deliver the absolute highest standard of reliability, exceptional video quality, and sophisticated functionality without the PC hassles.

Digital signage in  a mall

Become a BrightSign Authorized Dealer

SnapAV is a certified reseller of BrightSign digital signage media players, ensuring you receive legitimate new equipment with access to proper technical support, updates, and warranty support. To purchase BrightSign products, you must be an authorized dealer. Click the link below to start your application process.

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