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Snap One Price File

Download the latest Snap One product pricing file.


Snap One is part of the D-Tools manufacturer product database. This means that adding our products to your proposals is as easy as clicking your mouse. D-Tools System Integrator makes it easy to generate fully integrated project estimates and proposals.

Pricing File

Get the latest Snap One pricing document to your local drive, then import the file into D-Tools. Please note, there are two different versions of the file. The first file includes only Snap One products, and the second file includes all products that Snap One carries, including third party products.


Only Snap One Products


All Products (including third party)

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If you are a BidMagic user or are new to BidMagic follow the instructions below to add or update Snap One products in your BidMagic library.

Full Snap One Import

If you're new to BidMagic, or need to update your existing database after switching to the new, use this file. Please note: For existing BidMagic users, this file will override any changes you may have made (e.g. Sell Price, Installation Hours).

Download Instructions:

  1. Right click the download button below and save the zip file to your desktop.
  2. Unzip the folder to access the import file.
  3. Open BidMagic.
  4. Click on "Import/Export" in the top tool bar, then select "Import Products & Links (XML)".
  5. Click "Browse" and select the XML file you just downloaded to be imported.
  6. Click "Import", then "Yes" to confirm.
  7. If prompted to confirm overwrite, select "Yes To All".