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Control4 Connect and Assist® - New Software and Support Offerings

Two new software and support offerings designed to improve the end customer experience and help integrators build more profitable businesses.


Partner Tools

Optimize deployments using the latest tools and features in OvrC and Composer Pro.


CORE Controllers

Explore the capabilities of the Control4 Platform powered by a CORE foundation.


Vibrant Lighting

Live beyond the bulb with splashes of color and cicadian-tuned whites, executed effortlessly by adding Vibrant Linear Lighting.


Smart Lighting

Control existing light fixtures and add hard button control options in countless combinations of color and style.


Halo Remotes

Enjoy the ergonomic feel, the tactile response, beautiful UI and thoughtful features in this premium family of truly universal remotes.


Voice Control

Vocalize your wish and make it their command with native integrations for favorite voice assistants and remotes.


User Interfaces

Choose between 5 different interaction devices or use them all, personalized with your preference to execute customized scenese and automations.


Cloud Services

Extend your Control4 system beyond the door, giving you access to your system, important alerts, and Intercom Anywhere connections from anywhere you have internet.