Networking knowledge is in the air

Networks add more connected devices every day so we partnered with industry leader MetaGeek to give you the best tools to set up, troubleshoot, and configure wireless networks. These easy-to-use software analysis packages help you see where connection issues are located, and how to fix them.

Design and Configure Any Network

MetaGeek’s patented tools allow you to customize a network and ensure premium performance based on number of interferers, frequency, channel activity, and more.

Avoid Interference

Get RF spectrum-level views of both 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands so you can track interference on the network and enhance any connection.

Analyze Speed

Networks deliver data by transmitting packets of information from point to point. Analyze the speed & efficiency of transmissions so you know where data gets lost.

Spot Dead Zones and Optimize Handoff

Upload a floor plan or map to begin testing a wireless connection. You can also create network snapshots to pinpoint specific interferences through heat mapping. Plus, you can optimize handoff between access points!

Software products that optimize wireless performance

The Basic Package

Troubleshoot signal strength, bad channel placement, and locate typical network interference through the Basic package, which includes MetaGeeks's inSSIDer Office software, and a Wi-spy DBx dongle.

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The Professional Package

For larger networks, use Chanalyzer software and the Wi-Spy DBx dongle to convert RF spectrum analysis data into charts and graphs, create reports, and identify interferencr from an exclusive signature library of common issues.

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The Advanced Package

This comprehensive bundle's got all the features of the Pro package, plus wireless packet analysis and ability to filter network "conversations" through Eye P.A. Now, integrators can keep an eye on the entire network.

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TamoGraph PRO

Available as an add-on to any of MetaGeek's software packages, TamoGraph PRO gives integrators heat-mapping capabilities and allows them to track dead zones. It's the perfect addition to any MetaGeek bundle.

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Pick Your Package Capabilities

Features Basic Package Professional Package Advanced Package TamoGraph PRO*
Network Size Small Large Large/IT Any
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
2.4 GHz Radio Scanning
2.4 GHz Basic Spectrum Analysis
Measure 2.4 GHz Channel Utilization
5 GHz Radio Scanning
5 GHz Basic Spectrum Analysis
Measure 5 GHz Channel Utilization
Channel Recommendations
Wi-Spy DBx Dongle
Report Builder
Non-Wi-Fi Interference Detection
Interference Signature Library
Session Management
Waterfall View
Monitor/Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Conversations
Client Level Troubleshooting
Wi-Fi Packet Sniffing & Monitoring
Airtime Analysis
Export To Wireshark
Top Talkers (Clients)
Passive Wi-Fi Logging
Wi-Fi Report Generation
GPS Integration
Channel Map
Active Ping Wi-Fi Scanning
TCP/UDP Data Rates
Virtual Wi-Fi Planning
Import CAD Files

*Can add TamoGraph PRO to any bundle.

MetaGeek’s renowned diagnostic and troubleshooting tools will transform the way you design networks, and with Araknis, they’re a formidable pair.

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