OvrC-enabled Network Switches

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Full Line of Switches Powered by OvrC Remote Management

For years, industry pros have trusted Araknis and Pakedge switches to help them deliver reliable, professional-grade networks. Now, both are available in a single place with a complete portfolio of switches you can mix and match to support the needs of any networking install. Together, Araknis and Pakedge offer a combined portfolio of switches ranging from 5-port unmanaged options to a 44-port, Layer 3 managed switch with 10Gbps uplink ports. With this full line of switches, you can now build small residential MoIP systems or multi-switch solutions to support even the largest commercial jobs.

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The Complete Network Switch Lineup

Stack of Pakedge MS Switches
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MS Series

  • Layer 3 Managed
  • 10Gbps SFP+ uplinks
  • Full PoE/PoE+ & non-PoE
  • Multi-switch MoIP
  • OvrC Enabled
810 Series WAP installed on a ceiling
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310 Series

  • Layer 2 Managed
  • Front & Rear port options
  • Full PoE/PoE+ & non-PoE
  • OvrC Enabled
210 Series Araknis products
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210 Series

  • Websmart Managed
  • Partial PoE/PoE+
  • OvrC Enabled
110 Series Araknis products
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110 Series

  • Unmanaged+
  • PoE-powered Options
  • Compact Form Factors
  • OvrC Enabled

OvrC-Enabled Managed & Unmanaged Switches

Both Araknis and Pakedge MS switches come with built-in OvrC remote management to help you set up and remotely monitor your customer’s network from anywhere in the world. OvrC gives you the ability to cycle power on devices, get detailed stats per port, and control individual ports for precise control.

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