High-Performance Home Theater

Acurus products blend the latest audio, system set-up, and control technologies to create flexible solutions for high-performance home theater, gaming, and multipurpose room applications. These products combine authentic sound reproduction, modern aesthetics, rock-solid design and intuitive operation - all designed and manufactured in the USA at a competitive price point with 5-year warranty.

Simply put, Acurus is a brand you can trust to deliver high-end audio to more customers than ever before.

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Acurus Home Theater
Acurus ACT 4


20-Channel Immersive Audio Preamp Processor

The ACT 4 has 15 main outputs and 1 subwoofer output for native decoding and rendering of immersive audio streams with 4 additional subwoofer outputs for larger speaker layouts.


16-Channel Immersive Audio Preamp Processor

The Muse media room processor boasts 112 surround sound speaker layouts to choose from, including 52 Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive speaker layouts – up to an amazing 15.1 immersive audio configuration. And setup is a breeze with an intuitive UI.

Acurus Muse
Acurus M8


8-Channel Amplifier

The M8 delivers 200 watts per channel to drive eight 8Ω loudspeakers simultaneously. It uses a patented class D amplifier topology that is incredibly efficient, quiet, and free of distortion. The M8 pairs perfectly with Muse to deliver high power and outstanding audio specifications.


Automatic Speaker Parameter and EQualization Tool

ASPEQT is a revolutionary system designed to make tuning high-performance audio systems surprisingly straightforward and less time consuming. ASPEQT is a real-time multiple measurement tool for systems integrators that provides fast data acquisition and execution.

Acurus Aspeqt

High-End Flexibility You Can Count On

Acurus manufactures its components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies based on its proprietary electronic, mechanical, and software designs. Their technology solutions in high-performance audio are superbly unique and carry a five-year warranty.

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