Amp it Up

Maximize the sound of your speaker system with Episode amps, or check out our full array of Autonomic music streamers and amps.


Our 70-volt digital amps are OvrC enabled for easy remote management, while popular control drivers, IR, IP, and RS-232 allow you to customize audio in commercial environments. They’re the perfect fit for restaurants, bars, or small conference rooms.


OvrC Capability

Adjust audio routing, input gain and output levels, and a wide variety of amplifier network setting remotely with the help of OvrC, our free remote management platform. Through a desktop or mobile app, OvrC gives you access to the local UI where you can update firmware, modulate the amplifier gain, select inputs, set clipping levels, power-cycle the unit, or troubleshoot devices that have fallen offline.


Our powerful hybrid amps feature two configurable output channels that support 70V, 8-ohm, and hybrid configurations. Enjoy premium performance in any application, plus control system compatibility and OvrC remote management.



With multiple audio-tuning options, this amp offers the versatility required for today's sophisticated audio systems.

Dynamic Amps

Our Dynamic Series Amps deliver premium audio in an efficient design, with useful features like audio sensing, global inputs, bridgeable outputs, and adjustable gain control for ultimate versatility. Available in 2-, 8-, 12-, and 16-channel options.



Episode Response Amplifiers give pros a matrix switching DSP amp with a built-in preamp and 10-band parametric EQ for incredible performance. Available in four models and loaded with features like IP Control and sub outs in every zone, these amps provide powerful sound in any space.

Subwoofer Amplifiers

Give your customers deep bass in every room using an Episode subwoofer amplifier. With three options to choose from, we have the perfect amp for any size room. Plus, they work perfectly with our dynamic amps. Simply connect directly into the dedicated subwoofer output in any zone for total-home bass.


Mini 5.1 AVR

This AVR delivers incredible surround sound from a small form factor, enhancing your customers’ listening experience in bedrooms, playrooms, bonus rooms, and anywhere else where space is limited. It’s even small enough to fit behind a TV in a Strong VersaBox! Pair with an Episode soundbar or Signature by Episode speakers for a fully immersive AV experience.


The Episode WakeAMP connects your customer's smart voice assistant to all the speakers in their home, breaking down the barriers of complicated audio systems and making it easy for the entire family to use. Works great for retrofit and new installs.