Powerful Performance

Networking installs require a fast and reliable connection at all times. Which is why Araknis Networks® wireless access points are designed to keep your customer's signal strong and your service calls to a minimum.

OvrC on a desktop

Faster Setup with OvrC Wi-Fi Management

OvrC Wi-Fi Management offers complete cloud configuration for multiple AP projects, making wireless setup and troubleshooting easier and faster than ever before.

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Faster, More Efficient Networks with Wi-Fi 6

820 Series Access Points bring Wi-Fi 6 to the Araknis family! Wi-Fi 6 is the latest standard for increased speed, coverage, and capacity for today’s Wi-Fi demands.

Wi-Fi 6 uses OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access) to optimize bandwidth, thereby reducing congestion and improving speeds. Installing a Wi-Fi 6 Access Point in your networks extends the battery life of Wi-Fi 6 connected devices and protects your clients with the latest security modes

Sleek Design

Araknis WAPs come in stylish round and square designs with a hidden LED, making this a product your customers are proud to show off. Whether your install requires a ceiling or wall mount model, we have the ideal access point to help you get the job done.

Mobile image of a 510 WAP being installed easily on the ceiling

Complete Coverage,
Even Outside

Expand your wireless coverage to the patio, deck, or guest house with the 700 Series Outdoor Access Point. An IP55 rating and multiple mounting options means you can confidently install this access point without fear of the elements.

Araknis on wall outdoor WAP installed on a wall beside a pool

Choosing Your Access Point

We’ve got the perfect WAP to fit the size, density, and budget of your networking install. See a more detailed WAP comparison here.

820 Series WAP installed on a ceiling

820 Series

With Wi-Fi 6 for lightning-fast speeds and a simple setup for multi-AP jobs thanks to built-in OvrC monitoring and management, the AN-820 Access Point is built to tackle your largest networks. A 2.5Gbps LAN port-in and the option for a more customizable configuration give you the flexibility you need to tackle any job.

520 Series WAP installed on a ceiling

520 Series

This Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Access Point features the latest technology to support higher network capacity and enhanced reliability. It uses OvrC to easily configure, manage, and monitor projects with multiple access points, and features a 2x2 antenna for a more powerful connection for more devices without sacrificing speed for size.

810 Series WAP installed on a ceiling

810 Series

Install our Wi-Fi 5 high capacity wireless access point for ultra-high density installs with up to hundreds of wireless devices. Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology lets the access point talk to multiple devices at once for incredible speed up to 2600Mbps aggregate when used with a 4x4:4 Wave 2 AC antenna.

 Split image of the two 510 series WAP installed in residentail locations

510 Series

For fast speeds at a price point that protects your margins, the 510-Series is ideal for installs with many wireless clients. The 510 is available in ceiling or wall mount models and features Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology and 2x2:2 Wave 2 Wireless AC to deliver speeds up to 1300Mbps.

Complete Remote Management

With OvrC, you can control and monitor wireless SSIDs, monitor throughput, view upload and download history, and more!

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