The Snap One Files

Come with us as we take a deeper look into Snap One’s product development process and quality standards.

Episode 1:
Introducing the Snap One Files

Welcome to The Snap One Files a 12-series videocast that provides an insider's view of all things Snap One! We will give you an exclusive look at what makes us unique, discuss how we work with partners, reveal our vision for the future and more. Check out our first episode led by Scott Normand, Sr. Director of Commercial Market, as he introduces the Snap One approach to being a manufacturer and distributor. We hope you enjoy watching us uncover the industry’s best-kept secret!

Episode 2:
Quality Control at Snap One

Welcome back to The Snap One Files. Did you know that we do not simply “white label” our products? In this episode we dissect our quality overview processes, reveal the truth behind the elevated expectations we have for each of our products, and explore how it all works with the OvrC platform.

Episode 3:
Testing Beyond the Standard

If you’ve ever wanted to see a sneak peek into what goes into testing products, you will love this episode! Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency, explored our testing lab where we conduct ESD and surge testing. Snap One tests its products far beyond the industry standard, championing the importance of longevity and reliability. Check out this episode to see what rings a product must jump through to make it to the market.

Episode 4:
Snap One is a Networking Company

In this episode, Dave Mayo, Sr. Director of Joint Product Development and Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency delve into networking. Snap One has several different networking solutions under its umbrella and with so many networking products to support (1G to 10G), the testing process is rigorous. Join us as we check out a few of the testing processes at Snap One’s headquarters.

Episode 5:
Testing Media Distribution is No Joke

Soak tests are an integral part of media distribution testing and Snap One takes it very seriously. In our latest episode, Josh Edwards, Product Validation Engineer and Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency explore how we conduct these tests and how they impact your consumer experience. It is crucial to monitor quality assurance in everything that you do. Check out this video if you are interested in learning more about this important practice.

Episode 6:
Episode Radiance, Amplifiers and Audio — Oh My!

If you thought we would not get to the audio side of things, think again! Snap One recently debuted its Episode Radiance audio and lighting system. With such a robust product, testing it can be a little tricky! Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency and Vernon Furr, Sr. Product Validation Engineer walk you through what this looks like for Episode Radiance along with other products.

Episode 7:
How Do You Determine the Quality of Surveillance Products?

Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency and Jackie Holder, Associate Product Validation Engineer dive into the surveillance side of Snap One's offerings and lineup. Surveillance and security are increasingly gaining popularity in the AV world so ensuring quality is paramount. Check out this episode to find out how Snap One tests hardware, (more soak tests!) and software, to make sure your favorite security products pass the tests of everyday use.

Episode 8:
Outdoor Products Mean Outdoor Testing

Have you ever wondered how outdoor displays make it to the market? Here at Snap One, nothing leaves the headquarters without rigorous testing. In this episode, Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency, and Jackie Holder, Associate Product Validation Engineer look at the SunBrite line. Learn more about what it takes to get outdoor displays out of the testing lab — and into your local restaurant, sports venue, or house.

Episode 9:
The Power of WattBox

In this episode of "The Snap One Files" learn all about WattBox, a power conditioner designed to bring you tangible benefits without any outside intervention. WattBox is one of Snap One's best-selling products – and has only been improving in quality over time. Watch as Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency and Dave Mayo along with Scott Normand with Snap One, go through WattBox’s history as a solution that delivers every form factor under the sun and get a preview of what the future holds for WattBox!

Episode 10:
Integrators Can Visit Partner Stores

Do you know what sets Snap One apart from its competitors? Snap One Partner Stores provide direct access to brick-and-mortar stores for same-day product availability. Learn more about this unique service in this video, as well as how Snap One evolved from solely e-commerce.

Episode 11:
OvrC: The Overview

For the last ten episodes, we've explored Snap One and what makes it different from any other company in AV. In our latest episode, Gary Kayye, Co-Founder and Director of THE rAVe Agency and Commercial Sales Rep Brandon Mortimer go through a demo of OvrC. You may have heard of this free, cloud-based remote management platform designed by Snap One for its professionals. From home theaters to large-scale networking ventures, you're going to want to investigate and see more of what OvrC can do.

Episode 12:
We Get By With a Little Help From Our Partners (And Vice Versa!)

In the final episode of The Snap One Files, we are focusing on partnerships. Learn about how Snap One gets by with a little help from its partners (and vice versa) and discover how easy it is to sign up to become a Snap One Partner. Watch Episode 12 now.