Dealer Program Policies

II. Additional Operational Policies

  • E. eCommerce Platform Usage Guidelines
    1. In using company e-commerce platforms and services, Dealer agrees to:
      1. Accept and comply with Snap One’s Website Terms of Use, available at
      2. Provide and maintain complete, accurate, and current account information for the Dealer’s business, owners and/or administrators, and all other users (e.g., employees) provided access under the account.
      3. Provision and/or edit access for new or terminated users promptly to ensure permissions properly align with each users’ Dealer job status, role, and need for access. The Company recommends limiting rights to the lowest level of access required for each individual user.
      4. Notify Snap One Partner Support promptly of any changes to account information, authorized users, and/or updated user information.
      5. Ensure all users within the account maintain the security of all account and user ID information (e.g., login credentials) by utilizing a strong and unique password and never sharing login information with others.
      6. User credentials (i.e., usernames and passwords) are to be assigned to individuals and never shared with others.
      7. Notify Snap One Partner Support promptly if Dealer is no longer using or wishes to remove an account.
    2. As a registered user and/or account administrator, Dealer and all Dealer account users agree to:
      1. Only access the Company platforms and services using website links provided by the Company (e.g., or while using a modern, up-to-date web browser. Users agree not to access the Company portals if the browser indicates that the site may not be secure.
      2. Dealer agrees to maintain confidentiality, including abiding by its contractual confidentiality obligations, with respect to information accessed through the Snap One portal including confidential non-public information such as dealer pricing and price lists, discounting and promotional strategies, and proprietary technical information. Dealer agrees to access and use information solely for its intended purpose.
      3. Dealer will not provide third-parties with access to Snap One eCommerce platforms and resources unless expressly authorized to do so by the Company.
      4. Dealer agrees to report immediately to Snap One Partner Support if any user receives a request to provide a user ID and/or password, including requests purportedly made by the Company.

The Company shall not be responsible for any losses arising due to Dealer’s failure to follow these guidelines.

Version: January 16, 2024