FX Luminaire

Luxor Controller and app in foregrounds with lit-up house in background and the heading Luxor Control Systems

Lights Come Alive with Luxor Control

Luxor is the most advanced and flexible low-voltage landscape lighting transformer on the market. It provides complete lighting control with zoning, dimming, and RGBW color creation capabilities, plus optional Wi-Fi control for the ultimate landscape experience.

Complete Landscape Control

Luxor provides zone control of up to 250 individual lighting groups with up to 30,000 colors per zone. You can also create up to 40 custom themes to accommodate different seasons or party themes. Plus, control is a breeze with the iOS and Android app.

Luxor Linking

Simplify and expand your lighting design with Luxor linking. You can hardwire up to nine Luxor satellite controllers while maintaining a single point of control. The addition of Luxor satellite controllers improves Wi-Fi connectivity and adds simplicity to lighting design.

ProAim® Technology

Making the Luxor system even better is our ProAim technology, which allows integrators to aim fixtures and make precise adjustments for the perfect effect. Its ratcheting stake and angle alignment feature makes lighting easy to adjust while protecting against theft and tampering.