Feel the Power of Truly Accurate Sound

The right subwoofer can radically improve your customer's music and home cinema experience. With subwoofers that install almost anywhere, Triad has a discreet option to deliver impactful bass that enhances movies and music for a full-frequency experience.

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Triad In-Wall Sub speakers

In-Wall Subs

Triad in-wall subs deliver compelling bass with control and accuracy using handcrafted boxes and frameless metal grilles for detailed acoustics with minimal room impact.

In-Ceiling Subs

Triad in-ceiling subs are the perfect addition to any home theater system, giving your customers deep bass from overhead for a supremely immersive experience.

Triad In-ceiling Sub speakers
Triad In-room Sub speakers

In-Room and On-Wall Subs

When building the perfect home cinema or music experience, look to the simple flexibility and authoritative bass of Triad’s in-room and on-wall subs. The on-wall sub is slim and sleek, and the in-room sub comes in custom finishes - and both deliver room-shaking bass that matches any room.