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Stay Connected with OvrC

OvrC works with 260+ of our products and select third-party products to give you unmatched control over every part of your install. Through OvrC’s desktop or mobile app, you can monitor anything from power to surveillance and everything in between – all from a single interface.

Trusted by Pros

500k+ Locations
New location every 6 minutes
22k+ dealers

OvrC Works with Your Favorite Brands

There’s no other remote management solution on the market that can match the breadth of features and level of integration provided by OvrC.

Partner with ipad onsite

A Day in the Life with OvrC

Whether it’s a power outage or a service interruption from their ISP, a lot can happen to your client’s network within 24 hours. However, when every device is linked to OvrC, both you and your clients can enjoy the day free from the disruption of an inconvenient service call.

Partner with ipad onsite
Partner with ipad onsite

Proactive Customer Service

When any of your customer’s devices fall offline, OvrC automatically works to get their system back up and running without any involvement from you. OvrC also sends you a detailed alert of any activity, so you can make proactive changes and provide world-class service from anywhere in the world.

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Fast & Easy Setup

Claim and name every device on the network within minutes.

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Convenient Remote Access

Configure devices from anywhere through one single, easy-to-use platform.

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Fewer Service Calls

OvrC works with connected devices to fix problems automatically.

Empower Your Clients

With our client-facing app OvrC Connect, your customers can fix small issues on their own through a series of pre-configured commands. You can even customize the app with your company logo and contact information.

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Look Professional

Brand the OvrC Home app with your company logo and contact information.

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Empower Your Customers

Remotely create and update custom commands based on your clients’ individual needs.

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Be Proactive

Monitor individual device activity and schedule reboots – all 100% remotely.