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WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (Chassis) with OvrC Home | 12 Controlled Outlets

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Power is at the heart of every install, so choose a conditioner that does it all. This WattBox features 12 IP-enabled, individually controllable outlets which can be rack mounted at virtually any angle for complete customization.

WattBox® IP Power Conditioner (Chassis) with OvrC Home | 12 Controlled Outlets

Get all the features and functionality you love about the innovative WattBox IP Power Conditioner in a chassis form factor. The WattBox Chassis is perfect for cabinet and shelf mounting, and features 12 IP-enabled, individually controllable outlets and a sleek and functional front panel design. It also provides three lines of defense – Self-Healing Auto Reboot, OvrC Home, and OvrC – to fix problems and prevent truck rolls. Add in robust surge protection and a dealer-centric smart outlet design, and you have a power conditioner built for every job in the queue.

Self-Healing & Auto Reboot

OvrC Home


Surge Protection

Mounting Flexibility

12 Controllable Outlets

Optional UPS Battery Add-On

Wattbox OvrC Info banner

Three Ways to Prevent Calls & Truck Rolls

This WattBox provides three lines of defense to fix problems, reduce service calls, and prevent truck rolls. Combine WattBox’s scheduling and auto-reboot feature with OvrC Home and OvrC remote management, and you have an iron-clad power conditioner built for integrators. Simply put, no other remote management system comes close to what WattBox and OvrC can do.

Three Ways to Prevent Calls & Truck Rolls

This WattBox provides three lines of defense to fix problems and reduce service calls. Combine WattBox’s scheduling and auto-reboot feature with OvrC remote management and a client-facing mobile app, and you have an iron-clad solution built for pros. Simply put, no other remote management system comes close to what WattBox and OvrC can do.

Self-Healing Auto Reboot

WattBox power conditioners are uniquely designed to fix themselves without any outside intervention, helping to prevent service calls and dealer troubleshooting. The unit continuously monitors connectivity; when the connection is lost, automatically reboots the troubled device as programmed. You can even schedule regular reboots through the local UI or OvrC platform.

Client-Facing App

OvrC Home is a free client-facing mobile app included with all WattBox IP products that allows your customer to fix small problems on their own. Through this intuitive app, they’ll be able to reset any device connected to individual WattBox outlets and use macros to execute a series of commands that you define. If for some reason customers still need to reach you, your company logo and contact information are easily accessible within the app.

OvrC Remote Management

Through an easy-to-use desktop or mobile app, you can reboot devices, modify configurations, update firmware and more – all from anywhere in the world. Plus, if a WattBox falls offline, OvrC provides you with a detailed notification so you can address the issue before your customer even notices. Upgrade to OvrC Pro, and you’ll get access to even greater diagnostics and troubleshooting tools across all OvrC-enabled products.

Surge Protection

From Noise Filtration to 6480 joules of surge protection, this professional-grade WattBox is engineered to protect critical equipment on the job. Safe Voltage protects gear by automatically disconnecting it during unsafe voltage conditions, while ceramic-encased MOVs prevent components from catching on fire when taking a surge hit.

Mounting Flexibility

Thanks to a flexible and durable design that’s just over 12.48" deep, this chassis power conditioner is the perfect platform for stacking equipment inside a cabinet or on a shelf – and keeping the whole system running smoothly. Place multiple devices on top, without worrying about plugs getting in the way or components hanging off the edge. Adjustable feet ensure that it sits securely on any surface – and if you want to rack mount it, simply use the included rack ears.

Smart Outlet Design

Bulky wall wart power supplies can get in the way and create install headaches. That’s why WattBox outlets are spaced out and turned 180 degrees, so each one can be used. We even include tie-down straps and a locking IEC cord to keep everything in place.

Easy-to-Access Diagnostics

The product’s front panel provides individual real time displays of voltage and current, utility outlet, dual USB charging that supports up to 2A total current draw, and a convenient power button that controls the switched outlets. A backlit power button controls the system's switched outlets and indicates they are turned on, while diagnostic LEDs provide visual feedback for safe voltage protection and proper system grounding.

Control Integration

This WattBox is compatible with the industry’s most popular control systems; refer to the support tab for available drivers and usage guides.

Optional UPS Battery Pack Add-on

Pair your unit with a WattBox OvrC UPS Battery Pack, and you can safely back up all your equipment in case of power failure. You can even manage the unit remotely and receive battery health notifications via OvrC. Visit the kit product page for more details.

Filter Banks 1: 53 dB, 1kHz to 1mHz
Type: NEMA 5-15
Number of Outlets: 12
IP Controlled Outlets: 12
UL 60950-1, UL 1449, UL 498, UL 497A/B, UL 1283
17.02" x 3.47" x 12.48"
Surge Component: Ceramic Encased MOV
Protection Modes: L-N, L-G, N-G
Disconnect Circuitry: Yes
AC Input Connection: IEC C-14
14°F to 104°F
6 Ft.
120V, 50/60Hz
Circuit Breaker Rating: 15A
UL Current Rating: 12A
Voltage Protection Rating: 500V
Joule Rating: 6480 Joules
Thermal Fuse
EMI/RF Filtration
Peak Impulse Current
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Operating Temperature
Power Cord Length
Line Voltage
Rack Spacing
Fuse Type

5-Year Limited Warranty & Replacement Policy

This WattBox® product has a 5-Year Limited Product Warranty and a 5-Year Network Connectivity Warranty. The 5-Year Limited Product Warranty includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to products that have been abused, modified, or disassembled. Products to be repaired under this warranty must be returned to SnapAV or a designated service center with prior notification and an assigned return authorization number (RA).

5-Year Replacement Policy

Valid only in the United States and Canada. If your WattBox surge protector becomes damaged while protecting your connected equipment, you may request an equivalent replacement to the latest technology of that product category. Keep a copy of the original invoice to verify the date of purchase the by the original buyer.

Connected Equipment Guarantee Amount