Pro Control

Tablet and smartphone featuring ProPanel app in foreground and man and woman cooking in kitchen in background

Go Mobile with ProPanel

ProPanel gives your customers the same easy and intuitive control experience that native Pro Control remotes do on their iPhone and iPad. Plus, it still uses the same Pro Control Studio software as other Pro Control remotes, so integration is fast and easy.

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Control Anywhere

ProPanel provides secure local or remote access to a Pro Control processor from any local area network or Internet connection, giving your customers complete home control from anywhere! Utilizing the state-of-the-art Pro Control Studio® programming software, you can build a custom experience specific to each install—including music and video control, thermostat adjusting, security monitoring, light control, and more.

Companion Controller

IPRO-8 is a companion controller that works with smart phones, tablets, and processors to overcome the limitations these devices have in controlling your gear’s most frequently used features. Plus, it’s an ideal secondary remote for all users.

Image of IPRO-8 Remote