Pro Control

Open room with living and dining areas and stairs at the back of the room

Effortless Whole-Home Control

The Pro Control Z Series delivers a simplified and exceptional smart home experience throughout the home. It enables bi-directional wireless Zigbee® 2.4 GHz control of connected devices as well as IR control where appropriate. The Pro24.z remote pairs with the advanced ProLink.z processor, which delivers the control signal via Ethernet, RS232, and IR. And to top it all off, the system programs easily with the wizard-based Pro Control Studio software.

PRO24-R Remote floating in foreground of living room scene

PRO24-Z Remote

The PRO24-Z remote is the new standard in remote control technology. When used with a Pro Control processor, this powerhouse offers infrared and Zigbee® communication for control and feedback from AV receivers, media streamers, lighting, and more. It also features a brilliant touchscreen that takes entertainment to new heights. The PRO24-Z comes in a sophisticated matte finish for a clean look.

PROLINK-Z Processor

Pro Control’s PROLINK-Z processor boasts a formidable array of control options designed for comprehensive control over the most complex electronic systems when paired with the PRO24-Z or IPRO-8 remote. Plus, it's fully customizable via Pro Control’s wizard-based software and is compatible with the ProPanel App for iOS. Its formidable array of control options include six IR output ports, an integrated 2.4 GHz Zigbee® antenna, Ethernet port for control of virtually any device on the, two 2-way RS-232 ports for advanced bi-directional control and monitoring of devices via the PRO24-Z and IPRO-8 controllers, and two voltage-sensing inputs for improved management of connected devices.

Image of PROLINK-Z Processor