Living room scene with remote on edge of coffee table

Media Room Control and More

The R Series gives your customers a streamlined media room experience that's easy and effortless. It combines the robust communication of the Pro24.r remote with ample power of the ProLink.r processor for fast and precise control that's powerful enough to scale throughout the home. And with its sleek user interface, it programs easily with the wizard-based Pro Control Studio software, simplifying your install and making integration a breeze.

PRO24-R Remote floating in foreground of living room scence

PRO24-R Remote

The PRO24-R features a 2.4” LCD touchscreen display with fully programmable hard buttons for intuitive control your customers will love. Plus, the wizard-based Pro Control Studio software enables advanced control and customization that makes integration a breeze. And when paired with Pro Control’s PROLINK-R control processor, the PRO24-R delivers fast and reliable 433 MHz RF one-way communication for exceptional control.

PROLINK-R Processor

The PROLINK-R is a professional grade processor that stores macros and commands for complete system control you can count on. It's PC programmable via the Pro Control wizard-based software and communicates with the PRO24-R and IPRO-8 remotes via a one-way 433 MHz RF signal. And with one-way 433 MHz RF communication, four IR routing ports, two voltage sense inputs, and one-way LAN control for iPhone or iPad control, the ProLink.r has the versatility to get the job done on more jobs than ever!

Image of PROLINK-R Processor