Smart Lighting

Ring offers an extensive selection of smart lighting, including pathway and security lighting for a personalized security experience. In addition to lighting solutions, Ring brings the flexibility of hardwired, battery, and solar-powered options for added convenience.

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Pathway Lights

Pathlights are perfect for driveways, walkways, and gardens, lighting up every step your customer takes while adding style to their outdoor landscape. You can also add steplights to the mix to illuminate decks and stairs. And all can be controlled from the Ring app for a convenient and intuitive experience.

Mobile device with Ring Smart controls

Smart Lighting Transformer

Connect compatible non-Ring low-voltage lights to the Ring Transformer and Ring Bridge to unlock smart controls from the Ring app. You can even connect them to Ring smart lights, doorbells, and cameras via the Ring Bridge for a complete solution. If one Ring device detects motion, it can turn on every connected light. The Transformer even works with select Alexa enabled devices!

Outdoor Ring mounted camera

Outdoor Mounted Lighting

Ring mounted lights easily add safety to your customer’s home. You can illuminate large areas like driveways and backyards with Ring Floodlights and focus on a single area like a porch or shed with Ring Spotlights.

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