Meet the X Line Made for Custom Integrators

The X Line is designed specifically for custom integrators with features you won’t find on other Ring products, including gate control with Ring’s Access Controller Pro, access to Amazon’s Key by Amazon app, Live View real-time video and audio, and lifetime video recording with the included Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan.

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Ring video doorbell on wall

Lifetime Video Recording

Each X Line premium bundle includes a Ring Doorbell or Security Cam and a Ring Protect Lifetime Basic Plan, which lets customers review, save, and share videos for the life of their X Line device. Plus, they also get a 3-year limited warranty, which helps set you up for a great customer experience.

Ring security camera installed outside a home

X Line Access Controller Pro

Enhance your customer’s existing, compatible electrical access control system with the Ring Access Controller Pro – an advanced entry solution with built-in cellular, perfect for gated single-family homes or small multi-tenant apartments. Connect with the included Ring Video Doorbell Elite X to enable control of your customer’s gate in the Ring app so they can see, hear, and speak to visitors from Live View.

Ring security camera installed outside a home

X Line Video Doorbells

X Line doorbells delivers instant alerts, HD video, and two-way talk so customers can see, hear, and talk to visitors with stunning clarity. It also offers customizable motion zones so you can give customers coverage in the most important areas.

Ring spotlight cam lighting a dark corner of house

X Line Cameras

X Line cameras come in a variety of models for flexible placement and customization. For example, the X Stick Up Cam offers countless placement options both indoors and outdoors for permanent and impermanent locations, and the Spotlight Cam uses bright LED spotlights with built-in night vision sensors for crisp HD video day and night. Plus, it has three secure mounting options for install flexibility.

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