Bulk Wire for Every Job

No matter the install, Wirepath has the bulk wire needed to get the job done. Need category cable to handle high-bandwidth? How about solid-copper security wire that won’t let you down? Wirepath has you covered with a complete line of durable and innovative bulk wire made for any install.

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Category Wire

Featuring easy-to-strip jackets and oxygen-free copper, Wirepath’s bulk category wire is built for the task. As the category number gets higher, so does the network speed the wire can handle. And with technology from Cat5e to Cat7A, Wirepath has exactly what you need to zoom through your install.

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Fiber connections are the future of high-speed networks, and Wirepath puts the pedal to the metal. From 12-strand Micro Distribution that delivers 1,200Gbps, to rugged Direct Burial with corrugated steel armor, Wirepath has what you need to future proof your installs and deliver the latest technology.

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Speaker Wire

Great sound is built from the ground up, and Wirepath provides the foundation for a fully-immersive sound experience. High-strand speaker wire enhances high-fidelity audio, creating higher highs and lower lows for powerful sound reproduction that will knock your client’s socks off.

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Coaxial Wire

The tried-and-true solution, coaxial wire is still widely used in the industry. And with Wirepath, you get high-quality signal transfer that’s as durable as ever, with a shielded design and copper core to transfer data quickly and reliably.

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Automation and Control

Connect your client to their home with the very best from Wirepath. Whether its controlling shades, lighting, or running wire for interfaces, automation and control wire delivers reliability with application-specific wiring for every home automation solution on the market.

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Security and Fire Alarm

When it comes to safety, only the best will do, and Wirepath delivers the peace of mind your clients demand. With oxygen-free copper cores and a durable build, systems work all the time, every time, giving your clients total protection.

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Combo Wire

Wirepath delivers convenience and cost-efficiency with its combo wire. Save time by running audio, video, and data with one easy wire pull. Because after all, time is money. Plus, save warehouse and truck space with fewer boxes to store – which means you can order one box instead of four.

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The Toughest Box in the Game

Wirepath’s boxed bulk wire comes in the strongest box on the market. With reinforced handles, a water-resistant coating, and reinforced box walls, this thing is practically indestructible. Plus, with REELEX II technology, you can say goodbye to tangles and snags.

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