Build an Organized Network That Brings the Speed

With Wirepath’s line of structured wiring solutions, you’ll get the reliability you need and the speed your client demands.

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Today’s install features more technology than ever. That’s why Wirepath spent so much time creating its innovative enclosures. Featuring doors that provide extra space and mounting platforms for a flexible install, organizing wires has never been easier.

Patch Cables

Wirepath patch cables deliver high bandwidth in a dealer-friendly design. They feature snagless boots to prevent tangles and clip locks to prevent accidental disconnects. Plus, they come in a variety of speeds, lengths, colors, and jacket diameters.

Patch Panels and Modules

Wirepath patch panels and modules take up minimal space and are easy to install, delivering voice, data, and phone with less effort and more organization. After all, a job well done is one that’s done well.

Wall Plates, Keystones, and Tools

Wirepath Keystones are easy to punch down, support high-bandwidth, and provide a secure connection no matter which way you punch them. Wirepath also offers numerous wall plates in a variety of plug options and combinations for superior customization.

An Enclosure for Every Install

From jobs large to small, Wirepath has the enclosure you need for a clean and organized install.

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