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As we all cope with COVID-19 safety measures, many customers find themselves struggling with inadequate networks, security concerns, and underwhelming entertainment systems.

Whether you’re on-site conducting essential business or working from home, you should share your expertise with your customers and help them discover solutions for their technology pain points. Use the resources below to make recommendations and ensure that your business thrives in the future.

Strategic Marketing Playbook

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of millions, and the needs of homeowners are shifting in response to new priorities and economic conditions. This marketing playbook is designed to provide recommendations for Pros on how to approach marketing in this new world.

Based on feedback from other Pros, this playbook suggests strategies and tactics that are currently proving to be valuable and effective. It includes:

  • Key Messages and Ideas to Convey to Customers
  • How to Create Helpful Content for Your Customers
  • A Marketing Checklist
  • A Messaging Tone Checklist
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Leading By Example

What Other Pros Are Doing

Two dealers, who were recently guests on our Voice of the Pro podcast, told us how they sent communications to remind their customers that they are here to help during this challenging time. Their messages were caring, helpful, informative. They then posted important information on their websites and shared similar messages on all their social media profiles. Thank you for being wonderful representatives of our industry, Aaron Cowden of Fusion AV and Bryan Naquin of Acadian Home Theater & Automation.

Blogs by Us

These two blogs are great examples of how you can help customers understand that their health, and employee health, is important while letting them know that you are available to help.

If you find these blogs useful, you can add them to the sales email (below) or draft messages of your own for your website or blog.

Sales and service email for customers

In areas where business is continuing, it’s important to balance priorities. Health and safety should be a top concern, but customers may need your services during this challenging time and they may still be interested in planning future projects.

With that in mind, we’ve drafted some tactful copy that you can use to build an email to send to your customers—images too. Let them know you are here for them and that their health, safety, and happiness is your priority.

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Voice of the Pro: COVID-19 Remote Support and Virtual Sales

This episode has fantastic examples of how integrators are making the most out of this challenging situation and how they are adapting in order to maintain, and even grow their businesses.

Special thanks to our guests, Greg Simmons of Parasol and Lee Travis of Wipliance.


Now, more than ever, your customers need a reliable, high-performance network. Your customers depend on their at-home and business networks to live their daily lives. With the increase in users and connected devices taxing the network, now is a great time to help your customers in building a network foundation they can depend on.

Designed for pro installers, our networking products are designed to deliver exceptional speeds, roaming, and reliability to their customers. We offer a huge portfolio of wired and wireless solutions to give you greater choice to serve more customers.

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Naturally people want to make sure their property and loved ones are safe and secure. IP cameras and video doorbells provide peace of mind by enabling you to see what’s happening at any given time, while smart door locks let you control who’s coming and going.

  • Monitor your property right from your mobile phone.
  • Receive a notification and snapshot when there is activity outside.
  • Visible cameras help deter mischief and crime.
  • See who is at the door and get notified when a package is dropped off.
  • Give individuals their own smart door lock code and know when they are coming and going.

When it comes to security, a pro is the way to go. Make sure your customer understands the benefits of using a professionally installed system versus a DIY solution.

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Outdoor Oasis

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean staying indoors. Help your customers create an outdoor oasis in their garden or patio, allowing them to take a break from their indoor space and provide a wonderful gift to their family. Exercise outside while watching a purpose-built, weatherproof outdoor TV. Play with the kids outside while filling the yard with high-resolution music. Take advantage of fast, reliable wireless while working from the patio with our commercial-grade networking equipment.

With our wide variety of outdoor solutions, you can design the outdoor oasis your customer has been dreaming of.

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Audio Streaming

Music makes everything better, and if your customer is spending significant time at home, they’re likely listening to more music than ever. Now is a good time to follow up with past customers and ask them if there is anything they need, remind them you are a resource to them.

While checking in on their network or security system, consider talking to them about how they are staying entertained. Discover what their preferred music experience would be. Explain to them that when a system is designed by a pro and integrated with whole-home control, delivering synchronized, high-resolution music throughout the home is easy. With support from their favorite streaming services and our wide range of audio brands and products to choose from, you can provide an audio experience worth showing off when the time comes.

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