Not All Solutions Are Alike

Visualint is a customizable solution that brings numerous layers of security to any install. Attach analytics to an existing alarm panel via a single camera, or integrate it into a full-blown professionally-monitored video security system.

Level 1:

Burglar Alarms

We’ve all seen the commercials. A burglar alarm is a basic security solution that operates with only physical sensors, and offers a limited police response to an event without pinpointing the cause.

Level 2:

Traditional Surveillance

Integrators who want imaging capabilities such as local recording or live video, as well as motion-based event capturing, can use systems like Luma to enhance an existing security solution.

Level 3:

Video Verification

In a video verification system, physical sensors trigger an attached camera inside a building to provide limited video of an event. When the alarm is activated, the monitoring station operator views images to determine what caused the event. Because it records events once a sensor is triggered, it provides limited property protection. This is commonly confused with full video monitoring.

Level 4:

Self-Monitored Video Security

A Visualint solution uses custom virtual sensors to create a perimeter, so your customers can monitor their property from any boundary line they choose. Between vastly-reduced false positives and custom coverage, they’ll get notified before anyone even enters the building.

Level 5:

Professionally-Monitored Video Security

Enabling a comprehensive security solution for residential or commercial installs, Visualint’s professional monitoring partners shift monitoring to a trusted third party, who works with you to provide a 24/7 video security solution your customers will love. Audio talk-down and other enhancements help deter events before they happen and offer real-time police response, if desired.

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