Design the Perfect Surveillance Solution

Mix and match Luma’s easy-to-use interface and user-friendly mobile app with Visualint’s intelligent video cameras to create the custom system you want. Both Luma and Visualint cameras will work with any recorder you choose, so you can optimize systems for both price and performance.

Choose Your Recorder

The first step in designing any system is understanding the application. Between Luma and Visualint, we’ll help you choose the right recorder for your next job.

Basic Systems: 310 Series

For simple surveillance, Luma’s 310 Series recorder offers quick & straightforward security at an affordable price. Use it in nail salons, small retail offices, convenience stores, and more.

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Professional Control: 510 Series

Need control system support, 4K, and higher-resolution cameras? Move to Luma’s powerful 510 Series. It’s ideal for professional AV installers, in applications such as bars and restaurants or smart homes.

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Enterprise-Grade: Line Series

For corporate offices, a large apartment complex, or a business that requires hundreds of cameras and spans multiple properties, use the Visualint Line NVR to provide enterprise-grade features on a large scale.

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Choose Your Camera

Mix and match Luma and Visualint cameras based on your application, so you’re only paying for what you need. Select Luma cameras for basic viewing and recording, or opt for Visualint models to utilize advanced video analytics.

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Let Us Help You

Visualint Virtual Tech

Dreading analytics configuration? We offer free post-install Virtual Technician configuration services for custom systems with at least one Visualint camera, so you’re set up for success.

Traditional Analog CCTV Solutions

For simple closed-circuit installs, use Luma’s cost-effective HD-TVI analog cameras and recorders. Because they can run on existing coax-based wiring, retrofit jobs and system upgrades to HD are a snap.

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