Deliver Simplicity & Peace of Mind

Together, Luma and OvrC help you support and troubleshoot surveillance systems no matter where you are. Quickly access device information and recordings or make remote firmware updates offsite. Plus, our client-facing mobile app lets clients fix common issues and limits emergency calls to you.

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Real-Time Notifications

Remote Reboots

Modify Configurations

Firmware Updates

Remote Access

Client-Facing Mobile App

Give OvrC's Power to Your Clients

Homeowners benefit from unique remote features, too. Customize our client-facing app, OvrC Connect, and give it to your clients, empowering them to fix common issues on their own.

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Update Firmware Remotely

Ensure your equipment always has the latest features and security protocols. OvrC enables instant notifications when new firmware is released, so you can quickly update cameras, recorders, and more through the cloud-based desktop or mobile app.

Sync Your Device List

Quickly import all P2P enabled devices into the Luma app. Log in, swipe down, and watch your devices sync with OvrC in real time. LumaLink leverages a single OvrC (or OvrC Home) login to provide convenient access from mobile devices. Learn More >>

Take Camera Snapshots

Take a snapshot from OvrC mobile or desktop with a click of a button. Quickly review the field of view during installation or check on a camera’s view during a support call. Now you don’t have to open any ports or leave your OvrC dashboard during troubleshooting.

Information In Real Time

Through a live desktop or mobile dashboard, check on the detailed status of NVR and DVR recorders and their channels. Pull up device information, pinpoint faulty camera connections, get the last-known input for devices that have fallen offline, and view the total recorded time on a device, right down to the oldest recording.

Fix Problems – Offsite!

A quality surveillance system makes your customer feel secure. OvrC increases that peace of mind. With instant notifications and remote troubleshooting over the Internet, you can keep your customers’ systems running smoothly – without rolling a truck.

Claiming Devices is Simple

Make the most of remote management. Claim your Luma device through OvrC to ensure access to all our remote features.

1. Log in to your OvrC Account

2. Find devices by MAC address

3. Add your Luma devices

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A Connected Ecosystem

OvrC works with an ever-expanding list of devices, including hundreds of popular products. Using multiple OvrC-enabled products in a job makes it easy to configure and manage your entire project in a single, easy-to-use platform. Learn more about the OvrC Ecosystem >>

Upgrade to OvrC Pro

Upgrade to OvrC Pro, and you’ll get access to a remote service dashboard that helps you solve problems from anywhere.

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