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Luma View Enhances the Client Experience

System access for your clients has been re-imagined with the all-new Luma View app. Luma View has been designed from the ground up to give your clients intuitive on-site or remote viewing over their surveillance system . Clients will receive push notifications, gain easy access to recordings, can download and share clips, get activity highlights with AI-filtered events, and more.

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Screenshot of AI filtered events on Luma View app

AI-Filtered Events

Let Luma’s advanced AI technology help your clients view important events fast and easy. AI-filtering highlights and color code those events throughout the day or night. No more scrubbing through hours of footage to get to what matters most!

Screenshot of recording playback on Luma View app

Recording Playback

With Synchronized Event Playback your clients can watch up to 16 channels simultaneously to view key events from multiple perspectives. Skip to the highlights with AI-filtered events, zoom into footage, jump to a specific time, and more with Luma View.

Screenshot of search filter of events on Luma View app

Search Events

Your clients can skip the scrubbing and scroll straight to the event they’re looking for with Search Events. Filter and search AI events through a list of specific activities that also include a thumbnail to find what they’re looking for even sooner.

Screenshot of the clip sharing function on Luma View app

Save & Share Clips

Does your client want to save or share footage of an important event that happened? No problem with the Luma View app. Clients can quickly save a clip for future viewing or quickly share it with others.

Luma Surveillance for Legacy Systems

The Luma View app was designed from the ground-up for our newest X20 surveillance family. For older Luma products, including our X10 family, please use the Luma Surveillance app.

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