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Deliver AI-Enhanced Surveillance for Control4® Systems

Configure and deploy Luma® Insights in a matter of minutes, adding artificial intelligence (AI) functionality†† to the IP cameras in a Control4 system and providing event alerts with snapshots††† that deep link to the full video clip of the event.

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Luma Bridge hardware and the Luma Insights AI platform are currently only available to Control4 Partners​

††AI platform functionality requires a Luma Insights Subscription License (initial purchase includes a 3-Year Subscription).
Learn more about Subscription License pricing and the features it enables

†††Cloud-based features like remote access, push notifications and cloud storage require an active cloud-services subscription

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AI-Triggered Event Notifications

Luma Insights enables image recognition by providing AI analysis for up to four (4) IP cameras.

When a person or vehicle enters an Area of Interest, customers will receive a push notification that includes a snapshot of the event.

Screenshot of triggered event snapshot

Added Playback Functionality

Triggered event snapshots and video clips for both Luma X10 and X20 cameras and Chime Video Doorbells are automatically added to cloud storage for seven (7) days. Customers will be able to review important triggered events by accessing the recorded surveillance content from Control4 Touchscreens or the Control4 Apps for iOS and Android.

Screenshot of the easy event filtering

No Programming Required

Instead of programming alerts for each Area of Interest for every IP Camera, the Luma Bridge driver auto-configures push notifications and snapshots automatically! In just two steps – select up to 4 IP cameras, draw up to 4 Areas of Interest per camera – the feature is immediately ready to test, with no further action required by the Partner.

Screenshot of Luma Insights auto configuring push notification

Fully Configured in OvrC®

Luma Insights is easily configured using OvrC in just a few steps, allowing Partners to quickly add AI functionality and machine learning capabilities that clients will love.