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  • Low profile bullet form factor allows for concealed placement
  • IR LED night vision range up to 30 meters

  • Indoor fixed-lens camera with HD 1080p video support
  • IR night vision up to 10 meters with micro SD support up to 128GB

  • Features include 16 ports PoE for up to 16 cameras
  • Record at up to 12 MP on a 4 TB hard drive

  • Outdoor, dome form factor with 4MP lens
  • H.264+ video codec for increased storage efficiency

  • Dome form factor with HD 1080P video recording and live view
  • PoE and micro SD card support up to 128GB

  • Low profile form factor with IP67 rated vandal-resistant housing
  • Supports Wi-Fi connectivity and includes built-in microphone

  • Turret form factor with enhanced IR nightvision up to 30 meters
  • H.265+ video codec improves storage efficiency by up to 75%

  • Features 4 ports PoE for up to 4 cameras
  • Record up to 8 MP (4K) video on a 1 TB hard drive

  • Includes 8 ports PoE for up to 8 cameras
  • Records up to eight 8 MP (4k) IP cameras on a 2 TB hard drive

  • Features 16 independent PoE ports, with support up to 32 cameras
  • 8 TB hard drive for recording resolution up to 12 MP

  • Outdoor, bullet form factor with IP67 rated ingress housing
  • Varifocal 4MP camera lens with microSD support up to 128GB